Chapter 10

Deconstructing Sample GMAT Essays


check Clarifying GMAT AWA scores

check Analyzing sample argument essays

This chapter defines analytical writing assessment (AWA) scores for you and provides you with some sample GMAT AWA essays so you can see what these babies look like and apply some elements of the examples to your own writing. By deconstructing sample essays to figure out what makes for a great essay per GMAT standards, you’ll have a much better chance of constructing great essays of your own.

Defining GMAT AWA Scores

The difference between an essay that’s simply adequate and one that’s outstanding comes down to a few important factors. Here’s how the GMAT differentiates among essays that score 4, 5, and 6, based on analysis and organization:

  • An outstanding essay (score 6) thoroughly analyzes and evaluates an argument and addresses whether the case the author makes is logically sound. The analysis uses logical reasoning to identify any flaws in the argument and offers insight as to how to minimize or eliminate these flaws. The essay is thorough and organized.
  • A strong essay (score 5) still offers a powerful, well-reasoned analysis, but it may not be as insightful as an outstanding (score 6) essay. The essay contains well-chosen examples for support and is ...

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