Chapter 12

Getting Back to Basics: Numbers and Operations


check Refreshing your memory on types of numbers and basic operations

check Getting the skinny on bases, exponents, and radicals

check Keeping order of operations in mind

check Grabbing your share of fractions, decimals, and percentages

check Making comparisons by using ratios and proportions

check Bringing numbers down to size with scientific notation

Those of you who majored in math in college probably look at the math section of the GMAT like an old friend. Those of you who haven’t stepped into a math class since high school are more likely dreading it. You know who you are! Don’t worry, this chapter takes you back to the beginning with a review of the concepts you’ve learned through the years but may have temporarily forgotten. In this chapter, you see problems that test your knowledge of the math building blocks, such as number types, basic ...

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