Chapter 17

It’s All in the Presentation: GMAT Quantitative Question Types


check Diving into data sufficiency questions

check Probing problem-solving questions

You need more than just math skills to excel on the quantitative section; you also need to know how to approach the questions. This chapter tells you what to expect from the math sections and how to work through the unique ways the GMAT presents the questions.

remember The kinds of math questions that appear on the GMAT test your ability to reason and think on your feet as you make use of the information you’re given.

Two basic types of questions are intermingled throughout the quantitative section of the GMAT: data-sufficiency questions and problem-solving questions. Both types of questions require similar skills, but they demand different approaches. In this chapter, we show you how to ace both kinds of questions.

Enough’s Enough: Data-Sufficiency Questions

The quantitative section has 37 questions, and about half of them are presented in a unique form called data sufficiency. These questions aren’t particularly hard if you understand how to approach them before you walk into the testing center. However, if you don’t know much ...

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