Chapter 18

All Together Now: A Mini Practice Quantitative Section


check Honing your GMAT math skills by working through practice questions

check Taking a look at the answer explanations to understand what you did wrong — and right

Here’s a chance to test your GMAT math skills before you embark on the real adventure of taking the test. This chapter contains only the types of math questions you’ll see on the GMAT, so it’s kind of like a mini practice test. To get a better idea of the time restrictions you’ll face on test day, try to complete the questions in the following section in about 48 minutes. If you want to avoid the time pressure for now, feel free to just focus on answering the questions. You’ll have the opportunity to time yourself again when you take the full-length practice tests included with this book.

tip Read through all the answer explanations (even the ones for the questions you answered correctly), because you want to make sure you know why you got the answer you did and because you may see something in the explanations that can help you with other questions.

Tackling GMAT Math Practice Questions

Here are 24 practice questions for the GMAT math section. Grab ...

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