Chapter 21

GMAT Practice Test

The more practice you get answering GMAT questions before you take the test, the better you’ll do on exam day. Increase your chances for a top score with the following practice exam, consisting of three sections of multiple-choice questions and an analytical-writing prompt. You have to write an essay in 30 minutes, finish 12 integrated-reasoning questions (located only on the online version of this test) in 30 minutes, complete 37 math questions in 75 minutes, and answer 41 verbal questions in 75 minutes.

To make the most of this practice exam, take the test under conditions similar to those you’ll face on test day:

  • Find a place where you won’t be distracted (preferably as far from your refrigerator as possible).
  • If possible, take the practice test at approximately the same time of day as when you’ll be taking the actual GMAT.
  • Use a timer to keep track of the time limits for each section.
  • Take no more than two eight-minute breaks.
  • Mark your answers by circling the appropriate letters in the text. (On the actual GMAT, you’ll mark your answer by clicking the oval next to the correct answer.)
  • Use a blank piece of paper to simulate the noteboard for keeping notes and making calculations.
  • If possible, complete your essay on a computer with the grammar and spelling correction functions turned off.
  • When your time is up for each section, put down your pencil and stop working.

After you finish, turn to Chapter 22 to check your answers with the answer key ...

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