Setting up the developing system

Before ending the chapter, let's review each board in order to verify that our newly created operating systems have whatever we need to proceed further in the book.

BeagleBone Black - USB, networking, and overlays

As soon as we log in to our new system, we see that the prompt looks like this:


Maybe, we can customize it a bit by changing the hostname from the generic string arm into a more appropriate bbb (which stands for BeagleBone Black). The commands to do the job are shown here:

root@arm:~# echo bbb > /etc/hostname
root@arm:~# sed -i -e's/\<arm\>/bbb/g' /etc/hosts

Now, we have to reboot the system using the classic reboot command, and at the next login, we should get a welcome message:

Debian GNU/Linux ...

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