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Go : Building DevOps Tools

Video Description

A step-by-step approach towards teaching is adopted in this course. Here, new concepts are introduced gradually, and are built upon preceding concepts.

About This Video

  • Learn all you need to know about REST APIs
  • Develop a REST client library
  • Create a command-line tool for developers that will interact with GitHub
  • Gain mastery over the concepts you will learn, by testing yourself with challenging assessments

In Detail

A lot of new tools focussed for DevOps practices are getting built in Golang because of its focus for system programming. Docker, arguably one of the hottest container technologies right now, is written with Golang. With awesome support from Google, Go is set to be one of the most popular languages for DevOps for a pretty long time.

In this course, you will first start with learning all about REST APIs. Then, you would be building a REST client library, during the course of which, you will be learning many new concepts. Finally, we will develop a command-line tool that would help developers interact with GitHub easily, and perform tasks like searching, cloning, ands forking repositories, as well as a lot of other conventional tasks. Needless to say, your tool would be interacting with the GitHub API heavily. Lastly, we would be looking at integrating our REST client library with this tool.

By the end of this course, you would have become a master at Go, and would be able to seamlessly use it for your DevOps tasks.

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