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Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want—Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Book Description

Based on more than 20 years of experience and 40 years of research, this book presents a practical, proven strategy for creating and meeting goals that has been used by more than 1 million people to achieve extraordinary things in life. Author Brian Tracy explains the seven key elements of goal setting and the 12 steps necessary to set and accomplish goals of any size. Using simple language and real-life examples, Tracy shows how to do the crucial work of determining one's strengths, values, and true goals. He explains how to build the self-esteem and confidence necessary for achievement; how to overpower every problem or obstacle; how to overcome difficulties; how to respond to challenges; and how to continue moving forward no matter what happens. The book's "Mental Fitness" program of character development shows readers how to become the kind of person on the inside who can achieve any goal on the outside.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Books by Brian Tracy
  3. Preface
  4. Introduction
    1. A Slow Start
    2. The Day My Life Changed
    3. Anyone Can Do It
  5. Unlock Your Potential
    1. You Create Your Own World
    2. Your Automatic Goal-Seeking Function
    3. Why People Don’t Set Goals
    4. Join the Top 3 Percent
    5. No Road Signs
    6. Happiness Requires Goals
    7. Develop a Burning Desire
    8. The Cafeteria Model of Success
    9. The Key to Happiness
  6. Take Charge of Your Life
    1. The Great Discovery
    2. Your Worst Enemies
    3. Responsibility Is the Antidote
    4. Stop Blaming Others
    5. Control Your Emotions
    6. Hello, Mr. President!
    7. You Choose, You Decide
    8. Develop Your Own Strategy
    9. Make New Choices, New Decisions
    10. Become a “Growth Stock”
    11. Take the Wheel of Your Own Life
    12. Determine Your Locus of Control
    13. The Golden Triangle
    14. It Is in Your Hands
  7. Create Your Own Future
    1. Think about the Future
    2. Become a Millionaire
    3. Create a Five-Year Fantasy
    4. Imagine No Limitations
    5. Practice Blue-Sky Thinking
    6. Refuse to Compromise Your Dreams
    7. Practice No-Limit Thinking
    8. Imagine Your Perfect Family Life
    9. Ideal Health and Fitness
    10. Just Do It!
    11. Design Your Perfect Calendar
    12. The Key to Happiness
  8. Clarify Your Values
    1. The Five Levels of Personality
    2. As Within, So Without
    3. Know What You Really Want
    4. Trust Your Intuition
    5. Watch Your Behavior
    6. Examine Your Past Behavior
    7. Determine Your Heart’s Desire
    8. Your Past Is Not Your Future
    9. How Much You Like Yourself
    10. Perform at Your Best
    11. Know What You Believe
    12. Think Only about What You Want
    13. Be True to Yourself
    14. Live in Truth with Yourself and Others
  9. Determine Your True Goals
    1. Make Your Goals Personal
    2. The Great Question
    3. Decide What You Really Want
    4. Identify Your Major Worries
    5. A Great Thinking Tool
    6. Double Your Income
    7. Double Your Productivity
    8. Wave a Magic Wand
    9. Six Months to Live
    10. Make Up Your Dream List
    11. The Instant Millionaire
    12. No Fear of Failure
    13. Do What You Love to Do
    14. Make a Difference
    15. Set Clear Financial Goals
    16. Clarity Makes Your Dreams Become Your Realities
  10. Decide upon Your Major Definite Purpose
    1. Activate Your Reticular Cortex
    2. A Red Sports Car
    3. Achieve Financial Independence
    4. Your Major Definite Purpose
    5. Keep Your Feet on the Ground
    6. Be Honest with Yourself
    7. Don’t Sabotage Yourself
    8. The Great Question
    9. A Nobel Prize Winner
    10. Be Willing to Pay the Price
    11. The Ten-Goal Exercise
    12. Think about Your Goal
  11. Analyze Your Beliefs
    1. Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
    2. Your Master Program for Success
    3. Garbage in, Garbage Out
    4. Ignore the Experts
    5. You Are Better Than You Know
    6. You Could Be a Genius
    7. Your Beliefs Are Acquired, Not Inborn
    8. Think of Yourself Differently
    9. Select the Beliefs You Want
    10. Look for the Good
    11. Act Your Way into Feeling
    12. The Secret of a Sales Manager
    13. Create the Mental Equivalent
    14. Behave Consistent with Your New Self-Image
    15. Make a Decision
    16. Keep Your Words and Actions Consistent
  12. Start at the Beginning
    1. Practice the Reality Principle
    2. Start at the Beginning
    3. Determine Your Hourly Rate
    4. Tight Time or Financial Measures Improve Performance
    5. Your Current Net Worth
    6. Develop Long-Term Financial Plans
    7. Practice Zero-Based Thinking
    8. Evaluate Each Area of Your Life
    9. Be Prepared to Make Necessary Changes
    10. Circumstances Are Continually Changing
    11. What Is Holding You Back?
    12. Determine Your Level of Skills and Ability
    13. Imagine Starting Over
    14. Be Prepared to Reinvent Yourself
    15. Your Most Valuable Asset
    16. Bundle of Resources
    17. Go from Good to Great
    18. Put Together Your Own Strategic Plan
  13. Measure Your Progress
    1. Program Yourself with Goals
    2. Three Keys to Peak Performance
    3. Nature’s Wonder Drug
    4. Create the Winning Feeling
    5. The Pain of Procrastination
    6. The Balanced Scorecard
    7. Close the Loop
    8. The Key Ability
    9. Eating an Elephant
    10. Identify Your Most Valuable Task
    11. Continuous and Never Ending Improvement
    12. Get Healthy and Fit
    13. Save Your Pennies and the Dollars Will Save Themselves
    14. Become a Learned Person
    15. Increase Your Income
    16. If You Measure It, You Can Manage It
  14. Remove the Roadblocks
    1. Temporary Failure Always Precedes Success
    2. Think in Terms of Solutions
    3. Problem Solving Is a Skill
    4. The Theory of Constraints
    5. Internal versus External Constraints
    6. Look into Yourself
    7. Two Major Obstacles to Success
    8. Negative Emotions Can Be Unlearned
    9. The Keys to Courage and Confidence
    10. Powerful versus Powerless
    11. Unlearning Helplessness
    12. The Trap of the Comfort Zone
    13. Set Big, Challenging Goals
    14. Organize Your Obstacles by Priority
    15. Conducting a Sales Analysis
    16. Keep Drilling Deeper
    17. Apply the Right Solution to the Right Problem
    18. Increasing Your Income
    19. Define the Obstacle as a Goal
    20. Strive for Accuracy
    21. Almost Every Problem Can Be Solved
  15. Become an Expert in Your Field
    1. The 80/20 Rule Revisited
    2. The Great Insight
    3. The Iron Law of Self-Development
    4. Is Education Essential for Success?
    5. Appreciating or Depreciating Asset?
    6. Identify the Knowledge You Will Need
    7. Make a Career Move
    8. You Will Have Multiple Jobs and Careers
    9. Identify Your Key Result Areas
    10. Move onto the Fast Track
    11. The Excellent Executive
    12. Perform a 360-Degree Analysis
    13. Set Personal Improvement as a Goal
    14. Accept Yourself the Way You Are
    15. Develop Your Talents
    16. Identify Your Special Talents
    17. You Are Born to Excel
    18. One Skill Away
    19. Avoid the Trap of the Poor Performer
    20. Excellence Is a Journey
    21. Wave Your Magic Wand
    22. The Three-Plus-One Formula
    23. Practice Makes Perfect
  16. Associate with the Right People
    1. No One Does It Alone
    2. Your Key Business Relationships
    3. Identify Your Customers
    4. Your Customer Service Strategy
    5. Two Key Qualities for Promotability
    6. Hard Work on the Wrong Task?
    7. Your Other Key Customers
    8. Be a Team Player
    9. The Most Important Ability Is Depend-Ability
    10. Invest in Relationship Building
    11. Network Professionally
    12. Think and Plan Long Term
    13. Give of Yourself
    14. Get Around the Right People
    15. Fly with the Eagles
    16. The Turning Points
    17. Your Most Important Relationships
    18. Deliberate Extremes
    19. Become a Relationship Expert
  17. Make a Plan of Action
    1. Putting Your Plan Together
    2. The Planning Process Is Essential
    3. The Planning Process Was the Key
    4. Planning Pays Off
    5. The Basis of All Great Achievements
    6. Planning Saves Time and Expense
    7. The Formula for Success
    8. You Can’t Get There from Here
    9. The Vital Discipline
    10. List Every Task and Activity
    11. Determine Priority and Sequence
    12. Identify the Limiting Factor
    13. Expect Failure at First
    14. Focus on the Solution
    15. Think on Paper
    16. The Project-Planning Model
    17. Assemble Your Team
    18. Identify the Potential Bottleneck
    19. Determine the Critical Results
    20. Planning Is the Key to Success
  18. Manage Your Time Well
    1. Choices and Decisions
    2. The Right Thing to Do
    3. The Role of Intelligence
    4. Determine Your Long-Term Goals
    5. Begin with a List
    6. Use Advance Planning
    7. Separate the Urgent from the Important
    8. Consider the Consequences
    9. Apply the 80/20 Rule
    10. Practice Creative Procrastination
    11. Practice the ABCDE Method
    12. The Law of the Excluded Alternative
    13. Choose the Most Valuable Task
    14. Practice Single-Handling on Each Task
    15. Create Chunks of Time
    16. Keep Yourself on Track
    17. Focus on High-Value Activities
    18. Work on Your Key Result Areas
    19. Make a Difference!
    20. The Most Important Question of All
    21. Become Intensely Result Oriented
    22. Develop the Habits of Time Management
  19. Review Your Goals Daily
    1. Double the Speed of Goal Attainment
    2. Positive Thinking versus Positive Knowing
    3. Program Your Subconscious Mind
    4. Systematic versus Random Goal Setting
    5. Write Down Your Goals Each Day
    6. Your Life Takes Off
    7. Putting This Method to Work
    8. Activate Your Subconscious Mind
    9. Set Deadlines on Your Goals
    10. How Badly Do You Want It?
    11. Trust the Process
    12. Your Mental Computer Works Twenty-Four Hours per Day
    13. Activate All the Forces in the Universe
    14. Just Do It!
    15. Multiply Your Results
    16. Use Three-by-Five-Inch Index Cards
    17. The Best Times for Mental Programming
  20. Visualize Your Goals Continually
    1. Your Most Powerful Faculty
    2. The Importance of Vision
    3. See the Success You Desire
    4. Feed Your Mind with Exciting Images
    5. Take Control of Your Mental Pictures
    6. The Indispensable Man
    7. Develop Your Own Character
    8. You Are What You Can Be
    9. Change Your Mental Pictures
    10. Perform at Your Best
    11. Relax Deeply and See the Desired Result
    12. Four Parts of Visualization
    13. Nature Is Neutral
    14. Design Your Dream Home
    15. Patience Is Essential
    16. Think Thin
    17. Find Your Soul Mate
    18. As Within, So Without
    19. The Best Times to Practice
    20. The Beginning of All Improvement
  21. Activate Your Superconscious Mind
    1. The Secret of the Ages
    2. Three Minds in One
    3. The Source of All Breakthroughs
    4. The Greatest Inventor of All Time
    5. The Great Law
    6. The Right Operating Conditions
    7. Activating Your Superconscious
    8. Serendipity and Synchronicity
    9. Look for the Good
    10. Events Connected by Meaning
    11. Two Ways to Stimulate Your Superconscious Mind
    12. Exactly the Right Answer
    13. Three Special Qualities
    14. Trust Is the Key Requirement
  22. Remain Flexible at All Times
    1. The Speed of Change
    2. A Major Cause of Stress
    3. Three Factors Driving Change
    4. Be Open to New Information
    5. The Tide of New Technology
    6. Playing Leapfrog
    7. Expect to Be Imitated
    8. Watch Out for the Comfort Zone
    9. Competitive Pressures Are Unending
    10. Zero-Base Everything Regularly
    11. Three Magic Statements
    12. Admit That You Are Not Perfect
    13. Adapt to New Information Quickly
    14. Remain Open to New Realities
    15. Be Flexible in Your Relationships
    16. The Theory of Precession
    17. Be Both Clear and Flexible
  23. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity
    1. Enormous Reserve Capacity
    2. Double Your Income?
    3. Creativity Is a Natural Ability
    4. Use It or Lose It
    5. Ideas Are the New Source of Wealth
    6. Solve Any Problem
    7. Practice Mindstorming Regularly
    8. Mastering the Method
    9. Select One Action
    10. Use Mindstorming on Every Goal
    11. The Cumulative Power of Idea Generation
    12. Focus on the Solution
    13. Deal with Each Problem Effectively
    14. The Key to Victory and Success
    15. Long-Term Thinking
    16. Add Value Continually
  24. Do Something Every Day
    1. A Story of Failure
    2. The Law of Compensation
    3. The Quality of Self-Made Millionaires
    4. Lifelong Career Success
    5. Your Chance Will Come
    6. Move Fast on Opportunities
    7. Be Prepared for Your Opportunity
    8. A Secret of Success
    9. Wisdom of a Founding Father
    10. The Time Will Pass Anyway
    11. Get Going and Keep Going
    12. Plan Your Time Carefully
    13. The Fatal Flaw in Monthly Quotas
    14. Generate Continuous Energy
  25. Persist until You Succeed
    1. The Conquest of Fear
    2. You Can Learn Anything You Need to Learn
    3. The Causes and Cures of Fear
    4. Fear and Ignorance Go Together
    5. Fatigue Doth Make Cowards of Us All
    6. Everyone Is Afraid
    7. Analyze Your Fears
    8. Set Priorities on Your Fears
    9. Practice Makes Permanent
    10. The Courage to Begin
    11. The Future Belongs to the Risk Takers
    12. Learn from the Masters
    13. Action Is Everything
    14. Self-Discipline Is the Core Quality
    15. Persistence Is Self-Discipline in Action
    16. The Common Quality of Success in History
    17. Your Guarantee of Eventual Success
    18. Persistence Is the Hallmark of Success
    19. The Two Essential Qualities
    20. Persistence Is Your Greatest Asset
    21. The Great Paradox
    22. Disappointment Is Inevitable
    23. Adversity Is What Tests Us
    24. Bounce Back from Disappointment
    25. Success Comes One Step Beyond Failure
  26. Conclusion: Take Action Today
  27. Recommended Reading
  28. Learning Resources of Brian Tracy International
    1. Brian Tracy’s Personal Coaching Programs
  29. Brian Tracy: Speaker • Author • Trainer
  30. About the Author
  31. Index