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Goals to Gold: Trading the football pitch for the financial markets

Book Description

An inspirational journey from footballer to trader GOALS TO GOLD tells the fascinating and unexpected story of one man's journey from top-flight football to the cut-and-thrust world of the financial markets. This book also explores the relationship between sports and trading success - making it the perfect book for any sports fan who's ever wondered whether they could make a go of it in the markets. Lee Sandford spent 17 years as a professional footballer, playing for Portsmouth, Stoke City, Sheffield United and Reading. But when his career was over, he didn’t retire to a pundit's sofa or the golf course. He entered another fiercely competitive world: the stock market. Goals to Gold tells the story of his days as a footballer and subsequent time as a trader, laying bare the sobering facts of a life scattered with huge achievements, near misses and big disappointments. Part exploration of the unseen side of football and part introduction to financial trading, it shows how the important qualities in football and trading alike are hard work, determination, patience and sticking to your strategy even when the studs-up tackles are flying. Packed with real-life, behind-the-scenes stories involving promotion, relegation and trophies in football and trading through booms and busts in the markets, Goals to Gold is a gripping and revealing read - perfect for football fan and trader alike.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing details
  3. Follow us, like us, email us
  4. About the author
  5. Introduction
    1. If I can do it…
    2. Humble beginnings
    3. Learning to ask
    4. If you want to learn, teach
    5. The big gamble
    6. Plan to change
    7. About the book
    1. Chapter One: Hampshire Heaven
      1. Early days in Elephant and Castle
      2. Move to Basingstoke
      3. Getting serious about football
      4. Interest from Southampton and Portsmouth
      5. Hampshire Cross Country Championships
      6. Apprenticeship begins
    2. Chapter Two: On the Ball
      1. Getting to know Alan
      2. England youth team
      3. Turning pro
      4. First Division
      5. Mental strength
    3. Chapter Three: The Emotional Decision
      1. Starting out in the Potteries
      2. Seeking stability
      3. Future planning
      4. At Stoke under Lou Macari
    4. Chapter Four: Even Further North
      1. Signing for Sheffield United
      2. A difficult start in South Yorkshire
      3. Heartbreak
    5. Chapter Five: Sticking My Neck Out
      1. FA Cup semi-final
      2. Serious injury
      3. A stint at Woking
      4. Reflecting on my career
      5. No longer putting football first
      6. A new start
    6. Chapter Six: Trading Up
      1. The value of things
      2. Learning about myself
    7. Chapter Seven: Trading College
      1. An introduction to trading
      2. Turning pro again
      3. Teaching trading
      4. Working smarter, not harder
      5. Importance of family
    1. Chapter Eight: The Virtual World of Money
      1. What money is
      2. The credit trap
      3. What can you trade?
      4. What is spread betting?
      5. Trading time frames
      6. Trading is not gambling
      7. Derivatives trading is open to you
    2. Chapter Nine: Your Relationship With Money
      1. Severing emotional ties
      2. Money experiences
      3. Taking control of money
    3. Chapter Ten: Trading Tool Kit
      1. 1. A computer
      2. 2. An internet connection
      3. 3. A trading account and broker
      4. 4. A pot of money
      5. 5. A chart package
      6. 6. Your time
      7. 7. Discipline
      8. 8. Patience
      9. 9. An open mind and willingness to learn
      10. 10. Your trading plan
    4. Chapter Eleven: Your Trading Plan
      1. What goes in a trading plan
      2. Why you need a trading plan
      3. Theory versus practice
      4. What most unsuccessful traders do
      5. What most successful traders do
      6. Mastering your plan, mastering yourself
    5. Chapter Twelve: Following the Plan
    6. Chapter Thirteen: Spread Betting
      1. My preferred investment vehicle
      2. Basics of spread betting
      3. Tax and spread betting
      4. Long positions and short positions
    7. Chapter Fourteen: Learning To Drive Your Vehicle
      1. Choosing what to trade
      2. Money management
      3. Example of two new traders
    8. Chapter Fifteen: Is Trading For You?
      1. Protect your account
      2. There is no magic formula
    1. Introduction
      1. My Pro-Trading System (PTS)
      2. Dynamic Divergence Using the MACD
    2. Chapter Sixteen: Crude Oil
      1. What trading crude is about
      2. Watching crude oil rise to $150 a barrel
    3. Chapter Seventeen: Gold
      1. Finding the top of the gold market
    4. Chapter Eighteen: Apple
      1. Finding the top of Apple shares
    5. Chapter Nineteen: Facebook
      1. The Facebook IPO fiasco
    6. Chapter Twenty: RBS
      1. Banking crisis
      2. Shorting RBS
      3. The government bans shorting banks in 2008
    7. Chapter Twenty-One: GBPUSD
      1. Shorting GBP against USD for 1000 pips profit
    8. Chapter Twenty-Two: Losing on an Uptrend
      1. Shorting the stock market in an uptrend in 2013
    9. Chapter Twenty-Three: More Trading Stories
      1. Trade one: Making 1000 pips profit
      2. Trade two: major divergence signal in S&P 500
      3. Trade three: EURJPY trade
      4. Trade four: EURAUD trade
      5. Trade five: In and out of USDCAD in a day
      6. Trade six: trading crude oil
      7. Trade seven: Goldman Sachs
      8. Trade nine: No gold for me
      9. Trade ten: 132 points profit on AUDUSD trade
      10. Trade eleven: Europe in a mess
      11. Trade twelve: A trend in EURAUD
    1. Chapter Twenty-Four: The Perfect Game Myth
      1. The Invincibles
      2. Lose the fear of losing
      3. Coming close to perfect
      4. Control what can be controlled
    2. Chapter Twenty-Five: The Relegation Zone
      1. Playing like you’re not going down
      2. Playing without fear
      3. Conquering emotion
    3. Chapter Twenty-Six: On the Bench
      1. Frustration of waiting
      2. Constant readiness
      3. Coming off the bench
      4. Patience is key
    4. Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Offside Rule
      1. The rule
      2. Choosing tactics for the situation
      3. Strategy in the markets
    5. Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Long Game vs. The Short Game
    6. Chapter Twenty-Nine: Hooligans and #$%@* #ankers
      1. Talking vs. delivering
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