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Going Beyond The Waterfall: Managing Scope Effectively Across the Project Life Cycle

Book Description

Every year technology projects face hard decisions about how to mitigate risk and address challenges as teams work on creating useful solutions to deliver promised business value. Those decisions impact scope at every step and help to evolve it until the final product is delivered and implemented. Scope can longer be set in stone! 

This book will help project teams understand how and when scope changes and evolves as a part of a living-development process by answering the ultimate question: “Are we doing the right things the right way?” 

Going Beyond the Waterfall explains how to define scope at the outset of a project. It provides a solid model for predicting and managing solution scope across a project life cycle where the decisions and actions of every team member contribute to that evolutionary process. In addition, it identifies the impacts that key tasks and activities will have on scope and how each can be managed effectively to prevent unnecessary scope creep and reduce run-away projects.

Key Features
  • Defines scope from program management to business case and requirements
  • Identifies how scope evolves and what causes it to change
  • Illustrates how stakeholder engagement, requirements, and project and enterprise architecture methodologies impact scope and management
  • Demonstrates the implications of change management and implementation on scope throughout the development and roll-out processes
  • Discusses the evolution of scope as a key process in the achievement of project objectives
  • Explains the definition and management process of scope from concept to implementation