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Google Adwords That Work

Book Description

"Google AdWords That Work" is intended for web owners, marketing managers, project managers and anyone interested in promoting their website effectively. It is for the non-techie who wants to be involved - this book will show you how to research, prepare and run your own AdWords campaign and will also give you the tools and the confidence to be able to explain to other team members, third-party suppliers and anyone else you care to talk to, about what it is you want them to do for you. AdWords can offer you a real chance of 'getting big, fast'. This isn't about just throwing a limitless budget at Google and seeing what happens, with your fingers crossed that something will stick - quite simply, through a systematic and prepared campaign you can quite easily grow from obscurity to perceived market leader in a couple of months. "Google Adwords That Work" shows you how.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Introduction
  6. 1. AdWords — what’s it all about?
    1. In the beginning…
    2. You’ve changed your tune - what about organic listings?
    3. Yes, but if you had to choose one, would it be Google organic or Google AdWords?
    4. Google’s intent
    5. No inbound links, no joy…
    6. When’s a good time to start an AdWords campaign?
    7. Controlling what users see
    8. You stroke my back …
  7. 2. Defining your strategy
    1. Google AdWords in a nutshell
    2. Getting results with Google AdWords—abridged
    3. Setting up your ‘campaign’
    4. Make sense to AdSense
    5. Daily budget
    6. Delivery method
    7. Target audiences
    8. Keyword bidding
    9. Keeping the focus narrow
    10. Don’t get carried away
    11. Case Study—Logo Warehouse
    12. Defining campaigns and ad groups
    13. Logo Warehouse - the basic campaign
    14. Reinventing the wheel?
    15. Ad position
    16. Number 1 isn’t everything
    17. A word of warning
  8. 3. The importance of keywords
    1. In praise of the long tail
    2. Ad group convention
    3. Internet users are cash rich, time poor and can’t spell
    4. Negative keywords
  9. 4. Getting started with AdWords
    1. What determines whether your ad appears at the top of the page or on the right?
    2. Toeing the ‘###!!!!L@@K & FEEL!!!!###’ line
    3. Keep the message going
    4. The importance of quality
  10. 5. Ad groups and advanced AdWords
    1. Google Editor—more control
    2. Your schedule
    3. Weekly
    4. Monthly
    5. Quarterly
    6. Document everything!
    7. Your ads’ schedule
    8. Playing with the big boys
    9. When things are working, bid higher!
    10. Deter unwanted click-throughs
    11. Improving click-through rate
    12. Using dynamic keywords
    13. Remember to include alternative text
    14. Targeting regional traffic
    15. Time please, gentlemen
    16. Surfing under the influence…
  11. 6. Writing killer ads
    1. Sell, sell, sell
    2. Squeeze every single character
    3. Less is more
    4. They know …
    5. Asking the audience
    6. To price or not to price …
    7. Describe, as best you can
    8. Writing Tips
    9. After the click-through, what then?
    10. Optimise the language of your destination URL
    11. Sound bites
    12. Stop jabbering
    13. Up and to the front
  12. 7. Ad testing, tracking and converting
    1. Taking stock
    2. Testing protocol
    3. Play with price
    4. What about conversion?
    5. Revise negative keywords, improve your CTR
    6. Testing your ads
    7. So much testing, so little time …
    8. Measuring conversion
    9. Knowing what to measure
    10. From user to consumer—the customer’s journey
    11. The road to Damascus
    12. Big brand, little brand
    13. Giving it up
    14. Where exactly am I?
    15. The order pipeline
    16. Just the basics, please
    17. Keep them informed
    18. One eye on the future
    19. A word of warning…
  13. Index