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Google Analytics with Google Data Studio

Video Description

If you are a Google Analytics user you will know how much data can be provided to you. However it is not always easy to access this data and make sense of it within Google Analytics. In this course Ian Littlejohn will show you how to easily create your own custom Google Data Studio reports and dashboards that will make it easy to understand your Google Analytics data. Google Data Studio is Google's latest report and dashboard creation tool. Using a drag and drop interface reports can be created and running in minutes. Google Data Studio also makes it incredibly easy to share your reports with other users. In this course we will show you how to easily create the following: Connect to the Google Analytics data source Understand the Google Data Studio interface Create Scorecards displaying key information such as Sessions and Users Create Time Series / Trend graphs displaying how Sessions and Users changes over time How to setup different filters for your data Display information using column, bar and pie charts Create effective maps and geographical analysis Create powerful interactive dashboards This course is for anybody who wants to effectively analyze and understand their Google Analytics data.