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Google Business Citation SEO: Local Rankings Made Easy

Video Description

Search engine optimization is hard, citations make it FAST! Outsource everything. Discover top directories & more!

About This Video

  • Google On Page and Off Page Optimization.
  • Training on how to rank local businesses on google for free traffic.

In Detail

Did you know that you can have a local business listing even if you only have a P.O. box? Local rankings have long been misunderstood. When you rank locally, you are among Google's favorite listings to showcase. Anytime someone in your area does a local search, you are 10X more likely to show up over your competitors (even if they're better ranked organically). This new system of claiming local business listings, known as citations, builds A lotof trust with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp & 101 other search engines. Business citations are the one thing every search engine agrees you need to have if you are in business, online or offline.