Chapter 4. Maximizing Your Site and Your AdWords Ads

In This Chapter

  • Understanding customer traffic and how it affects your site

  • Making sure your site gives users what they're looking for

  • Targeting your ads with the best timing and location

  • Increasing traffic to your Web site

Google AdWords is a perfect complement to the entire set of Google's search functions, Google Apps, and related Google-based capabilities. Other Google-based capabilities allow you to save a great deal of money, get work done more easily and quickly, and get the word out about your business. Google AdWords, however, is the most direct way to make money — taking advantage of the effort you've already invested in all things Google.

A big part of benefitting from Google Search, AdWords, and your Web site — three closely related areas in which you invest time and money — is understanding the different ways Web site traffic does (and in some cases doesn't) benefit you and your business. Some effects are quite subtle; others are very direct indeed. Synching up your Web site with the rest of what you do in your business is vital to your overall success.

When you understand this, you see why increasing traffic to your site — in smart ways — is critical to your success. AdWords is the quick, easy (and potentially expensive) way to do it, but there are other equally important ways as well.

Google AdWords is, first, a great complement to Google Search. In fact, it's a focused and efficient way to come close to doing something ...

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