Chapter 1. Is Security Really That Important?

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the risks of conducting business online

  • Getting acquainted with online security basics

  • Planning the security efforts to keep your business safe

Nobody really has the time to wait for regular mail anymore. It may be good for official documents, large packages, and the occasional holiday card, but today real business is done through e-mail and Web sites. It means everything moves faster, and it gives many more potential customers access to your products or services. However, it also means that you have to be ready for the risks of the new environment. Don't get caught up in any hysteria or paranoia based on what you've heard in news reports, though. It's quite possible to manage your business online and keep your information and finances secure. You just have to take the right steps and be ready for the possibilities.

Being Online Is Risky Business

The best part about shopping on the Internet is that it's always open. If you want to buy anything from a song to a book to a large passenger vehicle, you can go shopping at any time of the day or night. The servers are always up and running, and the Web site is ready to take your requests.

The problem about running a business on the Internet is that the servers are always up and running, and the Web site is always ready to take your business. That means if your information is compromised or bad guys want to break into your servers, they can do it whenever they want, whether ...

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