Chapter 5. Going Mobile with Google

In This Chapter

  • Putting Google on your mobile device

  • Choosing the mobile Google applications for you

  • Integrating mobile Google with your business

You don't have to stay in one place to maintain your Internet connection anymore. With wi-fi and 3G data networks, you can access your e-mail and data from just about anywhere you can put up an antenna. That's why Google has developed applications for you to use on the go. Your mobile devices might not be as powerful as your home computer, but the capability to read Google Documents or use Google Maps on the road can be priceless if you need it. And Google gives it all away for free to a multitude of devices.

Accessing Mobile Google

Basically, if you can access the Internet on it, you can use Google. It may not look the same as it would on your nice, wide screen at home, but the functionality is basically the same. Google has a customized version of its site that runs on mobile browsers, tailored to work with smaller screens and different keyboards. Smartphones, like the iPhone and the Blackberry, can also download small applications that run on the phone and access Google services.

Point your browser to to take a look at what mobile services Google has to offer. If you're accessing it from a desktop or laptop, you see the site shown in Figure 5-1. The site presents a list of all the mobile devices Google has created software for.

Figure 5.1. Accessing mobile Google applications from your ...

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