A resource records, 230

AAAA resource records, 230

access management, 255

App Engine, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Run, 138

IAM. See identity and access management (IAM)

questions, 273–277

review, 273

service accounts, 266–272


billing, 18, 28–29

organization hierarchy, 20

projects, 23

service. See service accounts

actions in firewall rules, 216

add command, 95

add-access-config command, 56

add-iam-policy-binding command, 56

add-labels command, 56

add-metadata command, 56

add-tags command, 56

add Workspace approach, 283

Admin role in Compute Engine, 40

agents package repository, 285

aggregators for alert policies, 289


budget, 30–31

Kubernetes Engine policies, 86–87

Monitoring service, 288–289

Stackdriver, 284

aligners for ...

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