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Google Cloud Platform Development Essentials

Video Description

Give your applications the same robust foundation for services such as Google Search and Gmail with Google Cloud Platform

About This Video

  • A comprehensive and friendly guide to build highly scalable and reliable applications using Google Cloud Platform
  • Use Google Cloud Plugins and IDEs to store and manage source codes and view real-time debugging of your cloud-hosted applications
  • Streamline developer workflows with Google Cloud tooling for real-time debugging, alerting, and managed deployments

In Detail

The Google Cloud Platform provides auto-scaling compute power and distributed in-memory caches, task queues, and datastores to write, build, and deploy cloud-hosted applications. This course will take your through all these features.

GCP frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers, and configuring networks. You will see how to interact with Google Cloud Platform services and explore ways to use Google Cloud Platform. The course teaches you how to grow your application in GCP without considering capacity, reliability, and performance. You'll see how to launch your web stack on Google Cloud Platform, and how to deploy your application on an infrastructure protected by more than 700 top experts in network security.

By the end of the course, you will be able to take advantage of the most popular cloud computing services that run on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-users.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1 : The Google Advantage
    1. The Course Overview 00:03:09
    2. Understanding the Google Cloud Platform 00:02:43
    3. Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) Versus Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) 00:02:14
    4. Looking at the API-First Philosophy 00:01:22
    5. Demo – Google Cloud Shell 00:02:04
    6. Demo – Setup Your Free GCP Account 00:01:35
  2. Chapter 2 : Launch Your First Web Stack in GCP
    1. Introduction to Google Cloud Launcher 00:01:31
    2. Launching an NGINX Instance 00:02:50
    3. Installing Wordpress on NGINX – Part 1 00:03:49
    4. Installing Wordpress on NGINX – Part 2 00:05:15
    5. Verifying Your Website 00:01:51
  3. Chapter 3 : Working with Services – Compute
    1. Introduction to Virtual Machines 00:04:15
    2. Creating Your First Virtual Machine 00:04:58
    3. Introduction to Containers 00:03:11
    4. Docker and Kubernetes 00:01:57
    5. Creating Your First Kubernetes Cluster 00:06:05
  4. Chapter 4 : Deploy Services in GCP – Networking
    1. Introduction to Networking in GCP 00:03:50
    2. Setting Up Your First Network 00:07:21
    3. Exploring Load Balancing 00:02:30
    4. Setting Up a Load Balancer 00:03:42
    5. Deploying a VPN 00:02:50
  5. Chapter 5 : Create Your Storage Solution
    1. Introduction to Google Cloud Storage 00:02:53
    2. Building Storage Solutions with Cloud Storage 00:02:27
    3. Introduction to Google Cloud Datastore 00:02:23
    4. Building a Google Cloud Datastore – Part 1 00:01:49
    5. Building a Google Cloud Datastore – Part 2 00:01:43
  6. Chapter 6 : Security in Google Cloud
    1. Introduction to Google Cloud Security Scanner 00:01:57
    2. Introduction to IAM 00:02:24
    3. IAM in the Google Cloud 00:03:06
    4. Introduction to Key Management Storage 00:02:22
  7. Chapter 7 : Work with Data in Google Cloud
    1. Overview of Google's Data Products 00:02:34
    2. BigQuery - Analyzing Weather Data 00:05:50
    3. DataProc – Create a Cluster and Run a Simple Spark job 00:05:43
    4. DataPrep – Creating a Flow 00:04:20