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Google Drive & Docs In 30 Minutes

Book Description

Thirty minutes is all the time you'll need to get up to speed with Google Drive, a free online office suite that includes online collaboration and publishing capabilities. Millions of people use Google Drive and its popular word processor, Docs, every day. In just a half-hour, you'll learn registration, file creation and other basics, as well as important time-saving tips and best practices, including:- Converting files between Microsoft Office and Google Drive formats.- Best practices for organizing files in Google Drive.- What to expect with collaboration in Google Drive- Using Google Drive on phones and tablets: What works, and what doesn't.- Accessing older versions of files.- How to publish your documents to the Web for colleagues or members of the public to view.- Sorting and filtering data in Google Sheets (with examples).- Using Web Forms to gather data.- Working with offline files.Google Drive & Docs In 30 Minutes is authored by Ian Lamont, who has written for Network World, Computerworld, and ITWorld. His other In 30 Minutes® guides include Dropbox In 30 Minutes and Twitter In 30 Minutes.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. What readers are saying...
  3. Copyright information
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
    1. Why you need to use Google’s free office suite
  6. Chapter 1: Getting started with Drive and Google’s mobile apps
    1. What’s the difference between Google Drive and Google Docs?
    2. Registration
    3. Why you should use Google’s mobile apps
    4. Navigating the main screen in Google Drive
    5. Organizing Google Drive
    6. Printing
    7. Working with Microsoft Office formats
  7. Chapter 2: Google Docs
    1. Docs basics
    2. Navigating Google Docs (browser/Chromebook)
    3. Navigating Google Docs (Android/iOS)
    4. How to create a new document in Docs
    5. How to rename a document
    6. How to format a document
    7. Inserting images, page numbers, and more
    8. Import and export options
    9. How to import documents from other programs
    10. Templates and more
  8. Chapter 3: Google Sheets and Google Forms
    1. How to create and rename spreadsheets
    2. Import options
    3. Export options
    4. Functions and calculations
    5. Formatting numbers and cells
    6. Sorting and filtering data
    7. Charts and graphs
    8. Taking spreadsheets to the next level with Google Forms
  9. Chapter 4: Google Slides
    1. Creating and launching presentations
    2. Editing features of Google Slides
    3. Transitions and animations
    4. Online options
  10. Chapter 5: Google Drawings, Google Sites, and third-party apps
    1. What can you do with Drawings?
    2. The new Google Sites
    3. Accessing other apps in Google Drive
  11. Chapter 6: Collaboration
    1. What to expect when collaborating in Google Drive
    2. Different modes of collaboration
    3. Setting up collaboration
    4. How to remove collaborators from a file or folder
    5. Contacting collaborators
  12. Chapter 7: Offline access and file storage
    1. Working offline
    2. Working with offline files and storage in Google Drive
    3. Version history in Google Drive
  13. A personal message from the author, and a request
  14. About the author
  15. Glossary: Keyboard shortcuts for Google Drive
  16. Index