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Google+ for Nonprofits: A Quick Start Guide to Unleashing the Power of Google+ to Promote and Fund Your Nonprofit

Book Description

Google+ for Nonprofits will show you fast, free, and extremely low-cost ways to put it to work. Author Marc A. Pitman, creator of FundraisingCoach.com, is one of the world's leading non-profit fundraising consultants. He knows what works. He'll show you how to use Google+ to interact more flexibly with board, staff, and donors…easily and centrally build and run your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; videoconference with your team, anywhere on Earth; even influence millions of Google searches by people who've never even heard of Google+!

Haven't used Google+ before (or even Facebook)? No sweat: Pitman gently acclimates you, writing from the viewpoint of a non-profit pro who knows you already have a full-time job! You'll find expert tips for everything from uploading images to getting board buy-in. Next, you'll walk through using Google+ to improve your entire donor relations cycle: research, engage, ask, and love. Pitman helps you discover what people are already saying about your cause–and then respectfully engage, involve, and thank them. To make it all 100% real, "Putting It Into Practice" sections interview leading non-profit Google+ practitioners–including a Monterey Bay Aquarium innovator who's achieved truly amazing results. Whether you're a fundraising specialist, non-profit marketer, manager, or executive director, this book empowers you with today's #1 new secret of fundraising success: Google+.