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Google+ for Photographers – January 2013 Update

Book Description

In June of 2011, Google unveiled its first true foray into the world of social media, Google+. The idea was not to build just another social network but instead to create something much greater—a social fabric connecting the entire Internet. After just 15 months, Google+ is well on its way to achieving its goal, with over 500,000,000 active users engaging with the social features of Google+ and well over 130,000,000 active users on the Google+ network.

From the start, it was obvious that Google+ would be a great platform for photographers,¿allowing users to interact professionally and personally, while providing an interface that allowed photographers to¿showcase¿their images in a straightforward, beautiful format.¿In March of 2012, Peachpit released the book¿Google+ for Photographers,¿and since then Google+ has continued to evolve and upgrade its network every month.

Although the core principles and information found in¿Google+ for Photographers¿are still sound, updates to the platform have prompted the need for an update to cover¿the changes and¿great new features, such as Google+ Events and Communities.¿In this short ebook, author Colby Brown covers all of the new Google+ features and enhancements that have launched since March of 2012.¿With this ebook, you learn how to:

  • Navigate the new Google+ layout, including Google+ profiles

  • Organize your images¿through¿improved¿photo album features

  • Explore the new options¿available¿in Google Hangouts

  • Coordinate Google+ Events and participate in Google+ Communities

  • Navigate the redesigned Google+ mobile app for Android and iOS