Chapter 1. Web

Hacks 1-20

Google’s front page is deceptively simple: a search form and a couple of buttons. Yet that basic interface—so alluring in its simplicity—belies the power of the Google engine underneath and the wealth of information at its disposal. If you use Google’s search syntax to its fullest, the Web is your oyster.

Searching in Google doesn’t have to be a case of just entering what you’re looking for in the search box and hoping for the best. Google offers you many ways—via special syntax and search options—to refine your search criteria and help Google better understand what you’re looking for. We’ll dig into Google’s powerful, all-but-undocumented special syntax and search options, and show how to use them to their fullest. We’ll cover the basics of Google searching, wildcards, word limits, syntax for special cases, mixing syntax elements, advanced search techniques, and using specialized vocabularies, including slang and jargon.

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