Meander Your Google Neighborhood

Google Neighborhood attempts to detangle the Web by building a “neighborhood” of sites around a URL.

It’s called the World Wide Web, not the World Wide Straight Line. Sites link to other sites, building a web of sites. And what a tangled web we weave.

Google Neighborhood by the Python-wise Mark Pilgrim ( attempts to detangle some small portion of the Web by using the Google API to find sites related to a URL that you provide, scraping the links on the sites returned and building a “neighborhood” of sites that link both the original URL and each other.

If you’d like to give this hack a whirl without having to run it yourself, there’s a live version available at The source code (included in the following section) for Google Neighborhood is available for download from

The Code

Google Neighborhood is written in the Python ( programming language. Your system will need to have Python installed for you to run this hack.

"""Blogroll finder and aggregator""" __author_ _ = "Mark Pilgrim (" __copyright_ _ = "Copyright 2002, Mark Pilgrim" __license_ _ = "Python" try: import timeoutsocket # timeoutsocket.setDefaultSocketTimeout(10) except: pass import urllib, urlparse, os, time, operator, sys, pickle, re, cgi, ...

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