The Search Engine Belt Buckle

Take the Web out for a night on the town.

It was a late August Saturday night in Seattle. We decided not only to hit the dance floor, but to boogie down in a whole new way. All the cats in town were wearing big belt buckles then, so we thought, hey, here’s our chance to strut our latest hack: the Search Engine Belt Buckle.

What in Blazes Is a Search Engine Belt Buckle?

The Search Engine Belt Buckle is a repurposed PDA, shown in Figure 5-33, that displays a scrolling list of 24 hours’ worth of all the bizarre and banal things that people are looking for on the Web—right there just above or below your navel, depending on local custom or personal preference.

The author, sporting the Search Engine Belt Buckle

Figure 5-33. The author, sporting the Search Engine Belt Buckle

Just to give you some idea of the sort of thing that you’re in for, here is a smattering of queries scrolling across my belt buckle’s screen at the time of this writing:

  • “olympic nude athletes”

  • “leaving the scene of an accident”

  • “night diaper bondage”

  • “food”

  • “used juicer”

  • “homeopathic sinus remedies”

The Search Engine Belt Buckle has enough battery power to last for about two to three hours, plenty of time for gettin’ down and attracting (or warding off) the ladies (or the gents), as the case may be. If there’s WiFi in the area, it’ll stream live queries, but since that’s always an unknown, we have a few hours of search queries on hand at all times. ...

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