The SOAP::Lite Perl Module

Installing the SOAP::Lite Perl module, backbone of the vast majority of hacks in this book.

SOAP::Lite ( is the de facto standard for interfacing with SOAP-based web services from Perl. As such, it is used extensively throughout this book; just about all the hacks in the Google Web API Applications [Chapter 6] section are written in Perl using SOAP::Lite.

SOAPing your ISP

It’s unfortunately not that common for internet service providers (ISPs) to make SOAP::Lite available to their users. In many cases, ISPs are rather restrictive in general about what modules they make available and scripts they allow users to execute. Others are rather more accomodating and more than willing to install Perl modules upon request. Before taking up your time and brainpower installing SOAP::Lite yourself, check with your service provider.

Installing SOAP::Lite

Probably the easiest way to install SOAP::Lite is via another Perl module, CPAN, included with just about every modern Perl distribution. The CPAN module automates the installation of Perl modules, fetching components and any prerequisites from the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (thus the name, CPAN) and building the whole kit-and-kaboodle on the fly.


CPAN installs modules into standard system-wide locations and, therefore, assumes you’re running as the root user. If you have no more than regular user access, you’ll have to install SOAP::Lite and its prerequisites by hand (see Unix installation ...

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