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Google+ Hangouts™ for Business: How to Use Google+ Hangouts to Improve Brand Impact, Build Business and Communicate in Real-Time

Book Description

Google+ Hangouts™ can help you build brands, shorten sales cycles, improve customer service, train staff, align employees behind strategy, and a whole lot more. You name it, someone’s doing it successfully with Hangouts. You can, too—and Google+ Hangouts for Business will show you how. David Amerland completely demystifies Hangouts: the hands-on tools, best-practice techniques, opportunities, even the etiquette. Amerland reveals exactly how to profit from Hangouts, even if you have absolutely no video or business social networking experience. You’ll discover why Hangouts isn't “just another” video or conferencing technology—and why the difference makes it so valuable to your business. Then, Amerland shows you how to:

  • Master the unique dynamics of real-time marketing (and avoid the pitfalls)

  • Confidently run a smooth, professional Hangout, stay in control, and handle the unexpected

  • Rebroadcast your Hangouts to everyone (or just the people you choose)

  • Use Hangouts even if you don't use the Google+ social network

  • Plan Hangouts that build trust, consumer engagement, and brand equity

  • Connect at a deeper personal level, and establish an online identity that reflects who you really are

  • Do it all at low cost—or maybe no cost at all

  • Whatever your business, this quick and easy guide will help you build powerful new connections within your company, with your best customers and prospects—with everyone you need to reach.