Google in Education

Book description

Google technologies can pull far-flung places into your classroom and make historical events come alive for your students. Students can express themselves through blogs, collaborative writing, and slideshows. Google provides the necessary tools to bring your classroom or educational institution into the 21st century, while also giving you the means to protect users' privacy. As a teacher, you can leverage these technologies to share lesson plans and other resources throughout your institution. This Short Cut is a companion to the Setting Up Google Apps Standard Edition Short Cut, and focuses specifically on using Google Apps and various other Google technologies, such as Google Earth, Picasa, and Notebook, in an educational environment.

Table of contents

  1. Google in Education
    1. Part 1: Introduction
      1. What's the Difference Between iGoogle and Google Apps?
      2. What Are the Other Google Technologies?
      3. Using Google Technologies in the Classroom
        1. Posting Assignments and Class Notes
        2. Creating a Calendar
        3. Using Google Docs for Collaborative Writing
        4. Using Google Earth
        5. Show-and-Tell with Picasa
        6. Using Google Apps to Create Student Home Pages
        7. Students Can Collaborate Using Google Chat/Talk
        8. Blogging with your Students
      4. Leveraging Google Apps for your School
        1. Using Google Apps Email for Your School
        2. Create your School Web Site
        3. Calendars for All
        4. Be Creative
    2. Part 2: Google Apps in the Classroom
      1. Using Google Earth in the Classroom
        1. The Basics of Using Google Earth
        2. Using Google Earth to Teach a Lesson on the Battle of Gettysburg
        3. Showing the Great Wall of China Using Google Earth
        4. Setting Up a Tour in Google Earth
        5. Using Google Earth to Teach a Current Events Lesson
      2. Using Picasa
      3. Access to Docs & Spreadsheets
        1. Using Docs & Spreadsheets for Student Assignments
        2. Basic Collaboration
        3. The Nuts and Bolts of Collaboration
        4. The Publish Tab
        5. Working Together in Docs
        6. Collaborating in Spreadsheets
        7. Versioning
          1. Versioning in Spreadsheets
          2. Versioning in Docs
          3. Using Docs for Group Work
      4. Leveraging Blogger
        1. Getting Started with Blogger
        2. Using the School Domain for the Blog
        3. Using Blogger to Provide an RSS Feed
      5. Collaborate using Chat
        1. Administrative Settings for Chat
        2. Doing Group Projects with Chat
      6. Setting Up a School Web Site
      7. Using Google Apps Mail As Your School Email
      8. Helping Your Teaching Staff with Templates
    3. About the Authors

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  • Title: Google in Education
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: August 2007
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9780596515188