Google in Education

William Lawrence

Andrew William Lawrence

August 13, 2007


Google technologies can pull far-flung places into your classroom and make historical events come alive for your students. Students can express themselves through blogs, collaborative writing, and slideshows. Google provides the necessary tools to bring your classroom or educational institution into the 21st century, while also giving you the means to protect users’ privacy. As a teacher, you can leverage these technologies to share lesson plans and other resources throughout your institution.

This Short Cut is a companion to the Setting Up Google Apps Standard Edition Short Cut, and focuses specifically on using Google Apps and various other Google technologies, such as Google Earth, Picasa, and Notebook, in an educational environment.

Part 1: Introduction

Google in Education is a companion to Setting Up Google Apps Standard Edition. While this Short Cut focuses on using Google Apps and other Google tools in education, Setting Up Google Apps Standard Edition is a guide to acquiring, setting up, and managing a Google Apps domain. If you are interested in setting up Google Apps yourself, or in learning what administrative capabilities are available, by all means check out Setting Up Google Apps Standard Edition.

This Short Cut is designed to get your creative juices flowing ...

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