Chapter 6

Building Your Google+ Page Presence and Profile

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing how to set up your Google+ Page

arrow Targeting your page to the right audience

arrow Picking the right look for your page

Google+ is about people, but eventually you’ll start promoting your company and your brand. To help you do so, Google+ has set up a place for brands to interact with their audiences and send messages about topics in which the audience might be interested.

Like a Facebook Page, your Google+ Page can send updates to followers. Note, however, that you can’t compare a Google+ Page side by side with a Facebook Page and expect all the same features. You need to develop a strategy that is uniqe to Google+ and works perfectly for you and your brand.

Building It So They Will Come

remember.eps After you’ve set up a personal profile and started getting used to Google+, look at the strong position you’re in to start promoting your brand:

check.png You’ve discovered Google+ Hangouts.

Your followers are aware of the brand.

Your ...

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