Chapter 4. Discovering Images on the Web

<feature><title>In This Chapter</title>
  • Finding images using the Google Image Search page

  • Creating effective search terms

  • Viewing images

  • Using the Advanced Search Features

  • Eliminating adult content

  • Copyrighted images


The World Wide Web has always included images. Even before the creation of Mosaic, the first graphic Web browser, you could download and view images from the Web. Today, images are a normal part of the user experience when surfing the Web. The collection of images on the Internet today is truly innumerable. Google has a direct interface to images found on the Internet that are included in Google’s index of Web pages.

Whether you want an image to display on your desktop, create a greeting card for a friend, add graphics to a school or business report, or any other reason, the best method for finding images is using Google’s Image Search. This chapter helps you quickly learn how to find the image you are looking for using the simple interface or the advanced search features. You also learn how to virtually eliminate sexually explicit images from your search results. Finally, this chapter gives you an idea of what rights you have when using an image you download from the Internet.

Searching for Images

Begin your image search by navigating from the Google home page to the Google Image Search page by clicking the Images link above the search text box. The Google page reloads and is ready for you to type your search terms (see

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