Chapter 8. Shopping as a Sport

<feature><title>In This Chapter</title>
  • Experience a new kind of shopping with Froogle

  • Navigating the Froogle Results page

  • Find products fast with Smart Search

  • Learn comparative shopping

  • All about Ratings & Reviews

  • Creating My Shopping List


One of the biggest uses of the Internet, after communications, is shopping. More people shop online today than ever before, and it’s not hard to believe that someday shopping online will surpass shopping in brick and mortar stores. Of course, it’s hard to pass up the air conditioning of the local mall on a hot day. Even with the temptation of cool air on a hot day, Google has made the online shopping experience even more fun and more powerful by creating a tool that allows you to comparison shop for products based on price and features. Chapter 7 showed you how easy it is to view catalogs online. Comparison shop with Google’s Froogle and there is no need to ever leave the house again. You can do all your shopping online.

Experiencing Froogle

Froogle is a shopping search engine that uses Google’s search technology for one very specific task: locating sellers that offer the item you are interested in purchasing and pointing you directly to the place where you can buy it. Froogle not only gets you quickly to the right vendor but also helps you find the best price among many vendors selling exactly the same product.

There are two ways that Froogle obtains the information it displays about the products. First, sellers ...

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