Chapter 12. Exploring Google Maps

<feature><title>In This Chapter</title>
  • Learn to use the Google Map Interfaces

  • Search for local business

  • Let Google Map give you driving directions

  • Get more visibility by adding your business

  • Learn how you can go farther with Google Maps


Google Maps ( uses Google’s powerful search technology to power many map-based services. Dynamic, interactive maps allow you to scroll to new map areas without waiting for the entire map to refresh. Google Maps simplifies getting directions, finding businesses, and obtaining satellite views of the Earth using either your mouse or keyboard. The map information can even be accessed with many mobile devices. Google Maps utilizes a combination of JavaScript and XML commonly referred to as Ajax, for faster screen loading and user customization.

Much of the data Google Maps uses to calculate these routes comes from a geographic information system provider called Navteq. Its digital map database is used by businesses for a variety of things including fleet management and GPS navigation. Navteq was recently selected as the primary map data provider for the U.S. government.

Because Google Maps uses this satellite data to plot your route, these directions are far more useful than those you might plot using a traditional paper map. One-way streets or Do Not Enter signs are already accounted for, and this information can be updated much faster digitally and more frequently than traditional paper maps. Similarly, ...

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