Chapter 21. Editing and Sharing Photos with Picasa2

<feature><title>In This Chapter</title>
  • Organizing images

  • Managing photo folders and albums

  • Cataloging and organizing pictures

  • Editing pictures

  • Distributing and printing images

  • Creating collages and posters


If you check out the software installed on the average computer, you are sure to find one or more image-management programs. Depending on the hardware and peripheral devices you use with your computer, such as scanners and cameras, you are sure to have more management software of some sort. The problem with software bundled with input devices is that the program may offer limited features or may be difficult to use with images other than those created by the hardware.

Instead of relying on proprietary software, you can turn to one of many image-management programs. Image management is usually bundled with manipulation and editing software that may or may not meet your needs-the software may be too complex, or may not offer other types of output than single images.

In this chapter, you learn how to use Picasa2 as an image-management program. Available as a free download from Google, Picasa2 is ideal for general image collection, editing, distribution, and archiving needs.

Use Picasa2 for:

  • Collecting and organizing: Configure Picasa2 to search for pictures on your hard drive when the program is started. Images are sorted into albums using a configurable naming structure.

  • Editing: Picasa2 offers a selection of common editing functions, ...

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