Chapter 29. Messaging with Google

<feature><title>In This Chapter</title>
  • Getting started sending text messages to Google SMS

  • Finding local business listings

  • Getting driving directions using SMS

  • Finding out what’s playing at the local theater and getting showtimes

  • Finding out whether you need an umbrella through Google SMS weather forecasts

  • Converting almost any measure into another measure

  • Translating English words and phrases into other commonly spoken languages

  • Learning how to get stock quotes through Google SMS

  • Asking informational questions through Google SMS Q&A

  • Comparison shopping using mobile Froogle

  • Getting word definitions through the mobile glossary

  • Asking for sports scores from many of your favorite teams and sports


Google SMS (Short Message Service) is designed for people on the go. You can send text messages to Google to get information on many topics. Unlike other Google searches, the SMS service is meant to provide quick information for someone who needs info quickly, such as “Where is the movie playing?,” “Where can I get gas?,” “How did that game end?,” or “How do I get there?”

Getting Started

You can send SMS text messages to the five-digit U.S. shortcode 46645 or GOOGL on your keypad. Receiving a return message can take some time, possibly up to a minute. Be aware that although Google provides this service at no charge, your cell phone provider may charge for both outgoing and incoming text messages. Some providers have unlimited messaging plans, while others allow ...

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