Google SEO for Images: Massive Growth Marketing Made Easy

Video Description

See how image SEO (search engine optimization) gets a lot of traffic instantly! Are you using this secret link building?

About This Video

  • Zach goes over the process of making sure you leverage your images to give you maximum exposure of your keywords.
  • Making sure you use captions, how to save your files, even going as far as to describe a good layout process so your image placement and order of the article is best-suited to keep and convert your followers while boosting SEO at the same time!

In Detail

In this course you will learn 3 new ways to get traffic to your website:1) You will be able to rank every one of the pages on your website a little higher by doing correct SEO tagging of your images. 2) You will be able to rank in image search, and get traffic from Google image search.3) You will understand how image size inside your web pages effects the image rendering, and you will be able to make ideal social media posts that render perfectly no matter which social network you are posting on, and by rendering perfectly, you'll have a nicer post which gets more engagement and more traffic to your website. When you hear people talk about SEO, they rarely mention image-SEO. This is great because it isn't as crowded as any of the SEO fields (Organic, Video, PPC, and so on) and it is less competitive, which is good for you.

Product Information

  • Title: Google SEO for Images: Massive Growth Marketing Made Easy
  • Author(s): Zach Miller
  • Release date: July 2018
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781789612929