Chapter 12. Using the Construction Tools

Measurements are among the key components of drawings. This is especially important if you are creating design plans or schematics. Within the Tools menu are several tools that help to measure specific lengths and angles. These tools can also be used to create guide lines used to aid you in your drawing tasks. There is also a Dimension tool that is used to add dimensions to objects. Because SketchUp knows the exact position of all points in the current model, it can automatically compute the distance between two points.

Measuring Distance with the Tape Measure Tool

The Tape Measure tool is used to measure distances within the scene. It is found in the Construction Toolbar or by choosing Tools

Measuring Distance with the Tape Measure Tool

The Tape Measure tool, like the Line tool, also works by inference. This helps get accurate measurements from endpoints and corners of objects. To use the Tape Measure tool, simply click on a starting point and drag to the ending point. As you stop over the top of an object, its length is measured and displayed in a tooltip, as shown in Figure 12.1. When you release the mouse button, the measurement appears in the Measurements Toolbar.


If the measurement value has a small tilde (~) sign in front of it, the measurement is an approximation. The ...

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