Chapter 24. Using LayOut

SketchUp is designed to enable users to quickly sketch and flesh out 3-D designs, but often drawings created in SketchUp are used in presentations. The SketchUp development team has purposely left many of the desktop publishing features out of SketchUp to keep the software focused on what it does best.

SketchUp drawings can be exported as 2-D images, and these images can easily be used in a desktop publishing presentation or image-editing package to create presentations. However, if you find after exporting that the perspective is a little off, then you need to make the changes in SketchUp and re-export the image file again. Users have found that a software package that lets you work with 3-D SketchUp files that also includes all the layout and presentation editing features would be ideal and thus LayOut was created.

LayOut is a presentation package that includes many of the same features as SketchUp. It also includes many editing features not found in SketchUp. This chapter covers the features that are unique to LayOut and refers to the other chapters for features that are common among SketchUp and LayOut.

The latest version of LayOut is LayOut 2.0, which is part of SketchUp Pro 7.


This chapter is intended to be an introduction to the LayOut interface, and the features for working ...

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