Chapter 3. Yes! More AWStats!

Yes, There’s More

So you made it through Chapter 2 okay? Good. If you want only the very basics before you jump into Google Analytics, you can probably skip this chapter. So why are we writing it? Good question. In this chapter, we’re going to cover some of the caveats that make collecting and analyzing site traffic so fraught with pitfalls. We’re still going to use AWStats as the prime example, and we still expect you to look at your own data if you have them. You’ll also see some of the things that AWStats can do that Google Analytics can’t.

Now, we think this stuff is scintillating reading, but you might find it a little less exciting than Chapter 2. Nothing can be done about that. Cope. And now let’s go to Monthly History, as shown in Figure 3-1.

Monthly History has values from each month’s Summary.

Figure 3-1. Monthly History has values from each month’s Summary.


Our screen shots have been taken in AWStats 6.4. If you have a different version — version information is printed at the bottom of the reports frame — what you see may vary significantly from what we shot.

Monthly History

The Monthly History has two parts: a bar chart and a table of values. The values in the chart and the numbers in the table correspond to the Summary information for each month. Each column of the chart has a total at the bottom that appears on the earlier –Year– Summary. As with the –Year– Summary, the total of Unique Visitors ...

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