Google™pedia: The Ultimate Google Resource, Second Edition

Book description

A new edition of this title is available, ISBN-10: 0789738201 ISBN-13: 9780789738202

The all-encompassing book about everything Google. Not only will you learn advanced search techniques, but you also will learn how to master Google’s web and software tools. It’s all inside!

Blogger-create your own personal blog Gmail-Google’s web-based email service Google Web Search-the most popular search on the Internet Google AdSense-put profit-making ads on their own website Google AdWords-buy keyword advertising on the Google site Google Product Search-find hot deals without ever leaving your office chair Google Book Search-search the full text of selected books Google Calendar-a web-based scheduling and public calendar service Google Checkout-pay for your Web goodies and collect payments from people who buy from you Google Desktop-search documents and emails on your PC’s hard drive Google Directory-the best sites on the Web, picked by Google’s editors Google Docs & Spreadsheets-create and share web-based word processing and spreadsheet documents Google Earth-a fun way to view 3D maps of any location on Earth YouTube-view and share videos over the Web Google Groups-a collection of user-created message forums Google Image Search-search the web for pictures Google Maps-maps, satellite images, and driving directions for any location


     •    Use Google to search for news headlines, scholarly articles, and the best prices on the Web

     •    Read and respond to blog postings and create your own blogs with Blogger

     •    View the latest viral videos with YouTube

     •    Create maps and driving directions with Google Maps

     •    Use Google’s free web-based email service Gmail

     •    Create your own custom Google Maps mashups–and put customized Google search on your own website

Michael Miller has written more than 75 nonfiction how-to books, including Que’s

Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Computer Basics, Tricks of the eBay Masters, and iPodpedia: The Ultimate iPod and iTunes Resource.

Category Internet
Covers    Google
User Level    Intermediate to Advanced

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
    1. Dedication
  2. About the Author
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. We Want to Hear from You!
  5. Reader Services
  6. Introduction
    1. What’s in This Book
    2. Who Can Use This Book
    3. How to Use This Book
    4. There’s More Online...
    5. Get Ready to Google!
  7. I. Basic Searches
    1. 1. Inside Google
      1. Getting to Know Google, Inc.
        1. Google’s Mission
        2. Google’s History
        3. Google’s Revenues
        4. Is Google a Search Company or an Advertising Company?
        5. Life at the Googleplex
      2. How Google Works
        1. How a Typical Search Works
        2. How Google Builds Its Database—And Assembles Its Index
        3. How Google Ranks Its Results
      3. The Bottom Line
    2. 2. Searching the Web
      1. Conducting a Basic Search
        1. Navigating Google’s Home Page
        2. Entering Your Query
        3. Feeling Lucky?
        4. How Google Displays Its Results
        5. Universal Search Results
        6. Omitted Results
        7. Extending Your Search
      2. Conducting a More Refined Search
        1. Don’t Worry About Capitalization...
        2. ... But Do Worry About Word Order
        3. “And” Is Assumed
        4. Search for One or Another Word
        5. Common Words Are Automatically Excluded
        6. Always Include Stop Words
        7. Exclude Words from Results
        8. Take Advantage of Automatic Word Stemming
        9. Search for Similar Words
        10. Search for an Exact Phrase
        11. Use Wildcards to Search for Missing Words in an Exact Phrase
        12. Search for Words That Don’t Appear Together
        13. Narrow Your Search to Specific File Types
        14. Narrow Your Search to a Specific Domain or Website
        15. Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s Title
        16. Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s URL
        17. Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s Body Text
        18. Narrow Your Search to Words in the Page’s Link Text
        19. Search for a Range of Numbers
        20. Travel Way Back in Time for Your Search
        21. List Pages That Link to a Specific Page
        22. List Similar Pages
        23. Find Out More About a Specific Page
        24. Highlight Keywords
      3. Using the Advanced Search Page
      4. Narrowing Your Search Results with URL Parameters
        1. Understanding Google’s URLs
        2. Displaying the Most Recent Results
        3. Displaying More (or Fewer) Results
        4. Restricting Results to a Specific Filetype
      5. Other Ways to Query Google
      6. Tips for More Effective Searches
        1. Use the Correct Methodology
        2. Use the Right Keywords in Your Query
        3. Save Your Results
      7. The Bottom Line
    3. 3. Searching the Google Directory
      1. What the Google Directory Is—And What It Isn’t
        1. Why a Directory Isn’t a Search Engine, and Vice Versa
        2. How the Google Directory Is Assembled
        3. Why You’d Want to Use the Google Directory Instead of Google’s Web Search
      2. Navigating the Google Directory
        1. Searching Directory Listings
        2. Browsing Directory Categories
        3. Searching Within a Category
      3. The Bottom Line
  8. II. Specialized Searches
    1. 4. Searching for People and Phone Numbers
      1. Searching for People by Name
      2. Searching for People by Phone Number
      3. Searching for Personal Information—And Home Pages
      4. Googling Yourself
      5. The Bottom Line
    2. 5. Searching for Financial Information
      1. Searching via the Standard Search Box
      2. Using Google Finance
        1. Accessing General Financial Information
        2. Accessing Specific Stock and Company Information
        3. Viewing Interactive Financial Charts
        4. Tracking Your Portfolio
      3. Discussing Finances in Google Finance Groups
        1. Finding Google Finance Discussions
        2. Reading and Rating Messages
        3. Creating a Google Finance Profile
        4. Replying to Messages
        5. Starting a New Discussion
      4. The Bottom Line
    3. 6. Searching Blogs and Blog Postings
      1. How Google Blog Search Works
      2. How to List Your Blog with Google Blog Search
      3. Searching for Blogs—And Blog Posts
        1. Two Ways to Search
        2. Evaluating Blog Search Results
      4. Fine-Tuning Your Blog Search Query
        1. Using Advanced Search Operators
        2. Using the Advanced Search Page
      5. Subscribing to Blog Search Results
      6. The Bottom Line
    4. 7. Searching for Scholarly Information
      1. How Google Scholar Works
        1. Identifying Scholarly Content
        2. Searching Beyond the Public Internet
        3. Including Print-Only Content
      2. Understanding Google Scholar Search Results
        1. Different Types of Results
        2. Listing Information
        3. How to Use Google Scholar Results
      3. Searching Google Scholar
        1. Conducting a Basic Search
        2. Using Advanced Search Operators
        3. Using the Advanced Scholar Search Page
      4. Linking to Information at Your Library
      5. Expanding Google Scholar
        1. Add Google Scholar to Your Website
        2. Google Scholar for Libraries
        3. Google Scholar for Publishers
      6. The Bottom Line
    5. 8. Searching for Specialty Information
      1. Using Google’s University Search
      2. Using Google’s Special Technology Searches
      3. Using Google Patent Search
      4. Using Google U.S. Government Search
      5. The Bottom Line
    6. 9. Searching for Words and Definitions
      1. Using a “What Is” Search
      2. Using the Google Glossary
      3. Finding Similar Words with Google Sets
      4. The Bottom Line
    7. 10. Searching for Other Special Information
      1. Searching for Facts
      2. Searching for Weather Information
      3. Searching for Travel Information
        1. Viewing Airport Conditions
        2. Tracking Flight Status
      4. Searching for Numbers
      5. Searching for Movies
      6. Searching for Music
      7. The Bottom Line
  9. III. Additional Search Features
    1. 11. Customizing Google
      1. Setting Google Search Preferences
        1. Display Google in a Different Language
        2. Search in a Different Language
        3. Search Safely
        4. Display More Results Per Page
        5. Open a New Results Window
      2. Making Google Your Home Page
      3. The Bottom Line
    2. 12. Saving Your Searches with Google Notebook
      1. Getting to Know Google Notebook
      2. Adding Notebook Content
        1. Creating a New Notebook
        2. Adding a New Section
        3. Adding a New Note
      3. Clipping Content from Web Pages
        1. Installing the Browser Extension
        2. Adding a Web Page as a Note
        3. Clipping Content from a Web Page
      4. Managing Notebook Content
        1. Managing Notebooks
        2. Managing Notebook Sections
        3. Managing Notes
      5. Sharing Notes
      6. The Bottom Line
    3. 13. Making Google Safe for Kids
      1. How SafeSearch Filtering Works
      2. Enabling the SafeSearch Filter
        1. SafeSearch Filtering from the Preferences Page
        2. SafeSearch Filtering from the Advanced Search Page
        3. SafeSearch Filtering from the Standard Search Box
        4. SafeSearch Filtering by Editing the Search Results URL
      3. When Not to Use SafeSearch
      4. The Bottom Line
    4. 14. Using Google in Other Languages
      1. Searching for Language- and Country-Specific Pages
        1. Changing Your Default Language Search
        2. Conducting a Language-Specific Search
        3. Conducting a Country-Specific Search
      2. Displaying Google in Another Language
      3. Using Country-Specific Google Sites
      4. Translating Text and Web Pages from One Language to Another
        1. Languages Translated
        2. Translating Text Passages
        3. Translating Web Pages
        4. Translating from Google’s Search Results
        5. Translating Web Pages from the Google Toolbar
        6. Translating Words from the Google Toolbar
      5. The Bottom Line
    5. 15. Using Google as a Calculator and Converter
      1. Performing Basic Calculations from the Google Search Box
      2. Performing Advanced Calculations
      3. Looking Up the Values of Constants
      4. Converting Units of Measure
      5. An Easier Way to Calculate
      6. The Bottom Line
    6. 16. Keeping Updated with Google Alerts
      1. Different Kinds of Alerts
      2. Signing Up for Alerts
      3. Customizing and Editing Your Alerts
      4. Deleting Google Alerts
      5. The Bottom Line
  10. IV. Shopping and Product Searches
    1. 17. Searching for Bargains with Google Product Search
      1. Google Product Search: It’s Different from Other Price Comparison Sites
        1. How Most Price Comparison Sites Work
        2. How Google Product Search Works
      2. Searching for the Lowest Prices
        1. Basic Searching
        2. Understanding Google’s Product Search Results
        3. Advanced Searching
        4. Using Advanced Search Operators
      3. Using Google’s Merchant Reviews
      4. Creating Your Own Google Shopping List
        1. Adding an Item to Your Shopping List
        2. Viewing and Managing Your Shopping List
        3. Creating a Wish List
      5. Shopping Online with Google Catalogs
        1. Searching for Specific Catalogs
        2. Browsing by Product Category
        3. Viewing Catalogs Online
      6. The Bottom Line
    2. 18. Buying and Selling—Online and Locally—with Google Base
      1. Understanding Google Base
      2. What’s Not Permitted on Google Base
      3. Shopping for Items on Google Base
      4. Selling Items on Google Base
      5. Uploading Bulk Items
        1. Creating and Submitting a Bulk Upload File
        2. Using Google Base to Submit Store Inventory to Google Product Search
        3. Using Google Base to Submit Business Location Data to Google Maps
      6. The Bottom Line
    3. 19. Paying and Collecting Payments with Google Checkout
      1. Buying and Selling Electronically: How Online Payment Services Work
      2. Tracking a Typical Transaction
      3. Getting to Know Google Checkout
      4. Buying Items with Google Checkout
        1. Creating a Google Account
        2. Using Google Checkout to Make a Purchase
        3. Reviewing Your Google Checkout Purchases—and Managing Your Account
      5. Selling Items with Google Checkout
        1. Setting Up a Google Checkout Account
        2. Paying for Google Checkout
        3. Integrating Google Checkout with Google AdWords
        4. Evaluating Google Checkout’s Payment Services
        5. Adding a Google Checkout Buy Now Button to Your Website
        6. Collecting Google Checkout Payments
        7. Withdrawing Google Checkout Funds
        8. Google Checkout’s Seller Protection Policy
      6. The Bottom Line
  11. V. Maps and Directions
    1. 20. Using Google Maps
      1. Introducing Google Maps
      2. Searching for Maps
        1. Searching by Address
        2. Searching by Landmark
        3. Displaying Google Maps by Entering a URL
        4. Displaying Street Maps from a Google Web Search
      3. Navigating a Google Map
      4. Displaying Satellite Images
        1. The View from Above
        2. Displaying Hybrid Satellite Maps
        3. Displaying Street View Photos
      5. Viewing Live Traffic Conditions
      6. Sharing Maps
        1. Linking to a Specific Map
        2. Emailing a Map
        3. Printing a Map
      7. Displaying Driving Directions
        1. Generating Turn-by-Turn Directions
        2. Generating Multiple-Stop Directions
        3. Following Directions
        4. Getting Back Home Again
        5. Printing Your Directions
      8. Saving Locations
        1. Setting Your Default Location
        2. Viewing Other Saved Locations
      9. Finding Nearby Businesses
        1. Searching for Businesses
        2. Viewing Local Businesses
        3. Adding Your Business to Google Maps
      10. The Bottom Line
    2. 21. Using and Creating Google Map Mashups
      1. Creating Simple Mashups with My Maps
        1. Creating a Custom Map
        2. Sharing Your My Maps Mashups
      2. Creating More Sophisticated Mashups with Third-Party Tools
      3. Creating Complex Mashups with the Google Maps API
        1. Using the Google Maps API
        2. Creating a Basic Map
        3. Adding Map Controls
        4. Adding an Info Balloon
        5. Creating an Animated Map
        6. Adding a Marker to Your Map
        7. Adding Multiple Markers from Your Own Database
        8. And Even More...
      4. Finding Google Map Mashups on the Web
      5. The Bottom Line
    3. 22. Using Google Earth
      1. Which Version Is for You?
      2. Introducing Google Earth
      3. Navigating Google Earth
      4. Navigating with the Onscreen Navigation Controls
      5. Navigating with the Mouse
      6. Pan and Zoom Navigation Mode
      7. Flight Control Navigation Mode
      8. Click-and-Zoom Navigation Mode
      9. Navigating with the Keyboard
      10. Taking a Quick Tour of Google Earth
      11. Making Google Earth More Three-Dimensional
      12. Configuring View Options
      13. Setting View Preferences
      14. Using Full-Screen Mode
      15. Displaying a Latitude/Longitude Grid
      16. Displaying the Overview Map
      17. Saving and Printing a View
      18. Searching for Locations to View
      19. Displaying Driving Directions
      20. Getting Directions
      21. Touring Your Route
      22. Printing and Saving Directions
      23. Displaying and Using Layers
      24. Displaying Points of Interest
      25. Creating Custom Placemarks
      26. Measuring Distance Along a Path
      27. Using Google Earth with GPS Devices
      28. The Bottom Line
  12. VI. Communications
    1. 23. Sending and Receiving Email with Gmail
      1. What Makes Gmail Unique
      2. Signing Up (It’s Free!)
      3. Getting to Know the Gmail Interface
      4. Sending and Receiving Email
        1. Reading Messages
        2. Viewing Conversations
        3. Replying to Messages
        4. Forwarding Messages
        5. Composing and Sending New Messages
        6. Attaching Files
        7. Opening or Viewing Attached Files
        8. Deleting Messages
      5. Searching Your Inbox
        1. Basic Search
        2. Searching with Search Options
        3. Searching with Advanced Operators
      6. Other Ways of Organizing Your Email Messages
        1. Starring Important Messages
        2. Applying Labels
        3. Archiving Old Messages
      7. Filtering Incoming Mail
      8. Dealing with Spam and Viruses
        1. Blocking Spam Messages
        2. Scanning Your Attachments for Viruses
      9. Working with Contacts
        1. Adding a New Contact
        2. Importing Contacts from Another Program
        3. Displaying Contacts
        4. Searching for Contacts
        5. Using Contact Groups
        6. Sending a Message to a Contact or Contact Group
      10. Using Gmail with Other Email Programs and Accounts
        1. Retrieving Email from Other Accounts
        2. Reading Gmail in Another Email Program
        3. Forwarding Gmail to Another Account
      11. Putting Gmail into Vacation Mode
      12. Viewing RSS Feeds in Gmail
      13. Adding a Signature to Your Messages
      14. Getting Notified of New Gmail Messages
        1. Using the Gmail Notifier
        2. Using the Google Toolbar
      15. Gmail in iGoogle
      16. The Bottom Line
    2. 24. Instant Messaging with Google Talk and Gmail Chat
      1. Instant Messaging with the Google Talk Gadget
        1. Launching the Google Talk Gadget
        2. Initiating a Text-Based Chat
        3. Adding New Contacts
        4. Blocking Other Users
        5. Saving Your Chat History
        6. Changing Your Status—And Signing Out
        7. Initiating a Voice-Based Chat
      2. Chatting from iGoogle
      3. Chatting via Gmail with Gmail Chat
        1. Initiating a Chat
        2. Changing Your Status—And Ending Your Chat Session
      4. More Features with the Google Talk Client
      5. Using Google Talk with Other IM Networks
      6. The Bottom Line
    3. 25. Blogging with Blogger
      1. How Blogs Are Organized
      2. Getting to Know Blogger
      3. Creating a Blog
      4. Viewing Your Blog
      5. Customizing Your Blog
        1. Choosing a Different Template
        2. Personalizing Fonts and Colors
        3. Adding New Page Elements
        4. Adding News Feeds to Your Blog
        5. Adding Lists to Your Blog
          1. Adding a Text List
          2. Adding a Link List
          3. Adding a List with Images
        6. Rearranging Elements on the Page
        7. Using Third-Party Templates
      6. Posting New Blog Entries
        1. Posting from the Blogger Dashboard
        2. Adding Links to Your Posts
        3. Adding Pictures to Your Posts
        4. Adding Labels to Your Posts
        5. Posting via Email
        6. Posting from the Google Toolbar
      7. Managing Your Blog
        1. Editing Your Posts
        2. Limiting Comments
        3. Moderating Comments
        4. Fighting Comment Spam
        5. Controlling Access to Your Blog
        6. Displaying Backlinks
        7. Changing Your Blog’s Settings
      8. Syndicating Your Blog
        1. Activating Basic Atom Syndication
        2. Activating Feeds for All Blog Comments
      9. Advanced Customization: Editing Your Blogger Template with HTML and CSS
        1. Editing Blogger’s HTML
        2. Understanding Essential HTML Codes
      10. Making Money from Your Blog
        1. Adding an AdSense Module to Your Blog
        2. Adding AdSense Ads to Your Site Feed
      11. Changing Where Your Blog Is Hosted
      12. How Popular Is Your Blog?
      13. The Bottom Line
  13. VII. Multimedia
    1. 26. Searching Google Images
      1. Searching for Images
        1. Basic Searching
        2. Advanced Searching
      2. Viewing Image Search Results
      3. Saving and Printing Images
      4. Filtering Out Dirty Pictures
      5. Removing Your Images from Image Search
      6. The Bottom Line
    2. 27. Viewing Videos with YouTube and Google Video
      1. Welcome to YouTube
      2. Exploring the YouTube Site
      3. Joining YouTube
      4. Finding Videos on YouTube
        1. Browsing for Videos
        2. Searching for Videos
      5. Watching YouTube Videos
        1. Exploring the Video Page
        2. Playing the Video
        3. Choosing Video Options
        4. Viewing Video Information
        5. Reading and Posting Comments and Responses
        6. Viewing Your Videos Full-Screen
        7. Rating the Videos You Watch
      6. Saving Your Favorite YouTube Videos
        1. Rewatching Recent Videos
        2. Flagging Videos for Future Viewing
        3. Saving Your Favorite Videos
        4. Creating a Video Playlist
        5. Viewing Your Playlists
      7. Sharing YouTube Videos
        1. Sharing a Video Via Email
        2. Sharing a Playlist Via Email
      8. Downloading YouTube Videos
        1. Downloading YouTube Videos to Your PC
        2. Downloading YouTube Videos to Your iPod
      9. Viewing YouTube Videos on Your Cell Phone
      10. Adding YouTube Videos to Your Own Website or Blog
        1. Linking to an Individual Video
        2. Embedding a YouTube Video in a Web Page
        3. Adding YouTube Videos to Your Blog
      11. Uploading Videos to YouTube
        1. Uploading Videos from Your PC
        2. Uploading Videos from Your Webcam
        3. Uploading Videos from Your Mobile Phone
      12. Google’s Other Video Service: Google Video
        1. Exploring Google Video
        2. Searching for Videos
        3. Browsing by Category
        4. Understanding Google Video Payment Options
        5. Playing Streaming Videos on the Google Video Web Page
        6. Downloading Videos from Google Video
        7. Watching Videos You’ve Downloaded
        8. Downloading to an Apple iPod
        9. Downloading to a Sony PlayStation Portable
        10. Uploading Videos to Google Video
      13. The Bottom Line
  14. VIII. Other Google Services
    1. 28. Using Google Book Search
      1. The Story Behind Google Book Search
        1. Google Books Partner Program
        2. Google Books Library Project
      2. Searching—And Viewing—Book Content
        1. Searching from the Standard Web Search Page
        2. Searching from Google Book Search
        3. Conducting an Advanced Book Search
        4. Viewing Book Content
        5. Getting More Information
      3. The Bottom Line
    2. 29. Using Google Groups
      1. The History of Usenet and Google Groups
        1. How Newsgroups Work
        2. Understanding Newsgroup Hierarchies
        3. Google Groups: Archiving Usenet Articles
      2. Searching the Newsgroups
        1. Searching for Groups
        2. Browsing Through the Groups
        3. Searching Across All Groups
        4. Using Advanced Search Operators
        5. Performing an Advanced Search
      3. Participating in Google Groups
        1. Visiting Groups and Reading Messages
        2. Subscribing to a Group
        3. Posting to a Group
        4. Creating a New Message Thread
      4. Creating Your Own Google Group
        1. Setting Up the Group
        2. Inviting Members to Your Group
        3. Managing Your Group
      5. The Bottom Line
    3. 30. Using Google News
      1. Viewing the Latest Headlines and Stories
      2. Viewing International News
      3. Personalizing Google News
      4. Searching for News Articles
      5. Searching the News Archive
      6. Reading Google News Feeds
      7. Signing Up for News Alerts
      8. Getting News on the Go
      9. The Bottom Line
    4. 31. Using Google on Your Mobile Phone
      1. Signing Up for Google Mobile
      2. Using Google Maps on Your Mobile Phone
        1. Displaying a Location Map
        2. Displaying a Satellite Map
        3. Displaying Traffic Information
        4. Displaying Driving Directions
        5. Finding Local Businesses
      3. Reading Google News on Your Mobile Phone
      4. Sending and Receiving Gmail on Your Mobile Phone
      5. Viewing Google Calendars on Your Mobile Phone
      6. Creating Mobile Blog Posts
      7. Searching Google on the Go
      8. Personalizing Your Google Mobile Search Page
      9. Search for More Information via Google Text Messaging
      10. Using Google for Directory Service
      11. The Bottom Line
  15. IX. Google Applications
    1. 32. Using the Google Toolbar
      1. Getting to Know the Google Toolbar
      2. Using Google Toolbar’s Default Buttons
        1. Enhanced Search Box
        2. Google News
        3. Google Desktop
        4. Add More Buttons
        6. Pop-up Blocker
        7. SpellCheck
        8. AutoLink
        9. AutoFill
        10. Send To
        11. Highlight
        12. Word Find
      3. Adding and Removing Buttons on the Google Toolbar
        1. Adding New Buttons
        2. Removing Buttons
      4. Other Ways to Search Google from Your Web Browser
        1. Making Google Your Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer
        2. Installing Google Browser Buttons
      5. The Bottom Line
    2. 33. Creating a Personalized Home Page with iGoogle
      1. Welcome to iGoogle
      2. Adding Content to iGoogle
      3. Adding RSS Feeds
      4. Customizing Individual Gadgets
      5. Removing Gadgets
      6. Rearranging Gadgets on the Page
      7. Adding New Tabs to iGoogle
      8. Customizing the Look of iGoogle with Themes
      9. Your Final iGoogle Page
      10. Creating Your Own iGoogle Gadgets
      11. The Bottom Line
    3. 34. Using Google Desktop
      1. Welcome to the Google Desktop
      2. Searching Your Hard Disk
        1. Conducting a Basic Search
        2. Viewing Your Results
        3. Filtering Your Results
        4. Conducting an Advanced Desktop Search
        5. Viewing Items in Timeline View
        6. Viewing the Contents of Your Index
      3. Searching within Microsoft Outlook
      4. Searching Other Computers on Your Network
      5. Searching the Web from Google Desktop
        1. Searching from the Google Desktop Window
        2. Searching from the Sidebar
        3. Searching from the Deskbar
        4. Searching from the Quick Search Box
      6. Using the Google Desktop Sidebar
        1. Different Ways to Display the Sidebar
        2. Working with Sidebar Gadgets
      7. The Bottom Line
    4. 35. Using Google Calendar
      1. All About Google Calendar
      2. Setting Up Your Google Calendar
        1. Setting Up a Basic Calendar
        2. Setting Up Multiple Calendars
        3. Setting Up Other Types of Calendars
      3. Viewing Your Calendar
        1. Using Different Views
        2. Viewing Multiple Calendars
        3. Viewing Your Calendar from Other Calendar Applications
      4. Working with Events
        1. Adding an Event to Your Calendar
        2. Adding an Event via Quick Add
        3. Adding an Event from Gmail
        4. Importing Events from Other Applications
        5. Inviting Others to an Event
      5. Creating a Public Calendar
      6. Searching Your Calendar—And Public Calendars
        1. Searching Your Private Calendars
        2. Searching Public Calendars
      7. The Bottom Line
    5. 36. Using Google Reader
      1. Reading Blog Postings
        1. Categorizing with Tags
        2. Emailing Blog Postings
        3. Sharing Blog Postings
      2. Subscribing to Feeds
        1. Searching for Blog Feeds
        2. Browsing for Blog Feeds
        3. Importing Feeds from Other Readers
      3. Managing Your Subscriptions
      4. The Bottom Line
    6. 37. Using Picasa
      1. Installing and Configuring the Program
      2. Getting to Know the Picasa Desktop
      3. Organizing Your Photos
        1. Moving Photos
        2. Renaming Photos
      4. Fixing Common Photo Problems
        1. Fixing a Dark (or Light) Picture
        2. Fixing an Off-Color Picture
        3. Fixing Red Eye
        4. Cropping a Picture
        5. Applying Special Effects
      5. Saving Your Changes
        1. Saving an Edited File
        2. Resizing a Photo for the Web
      6. Printing and Sharing Your Photos
        1. Printing Photos on Your Personal Printer
        2. Printing Photos via an Online Print Service
        3. Sharing Your Photos with Picasa Web Albums
        4. Viewing Photos on Your Cell Phone
        5. Emailing Photos
        6. Burning Photos to a Picture CD or DVD
      7. The Bottom Line
    7. 38. Using Google Docs & Spreadsheets
      1. Introducing Google Docs & Spreadsheets
        1. Benefits of Web-Based Applications
        2. Privacy and Security Concerns
        3. Should You Use Google Docs & Spreadsheets?
      2. Welcome to Google Docs & Spreadsheets
      3. Importing Word and Excel Documents
      4. Using Google Docs
        1. Getting to Know the Google Docs Workspace
        2. Saving a Document
        3. Exporting a Google Document to Microsoft Word
        4. Entering Text
        5. Formatting Text
        6. Inserting Web Links
        7. Inserting Images
        8. Working with Tables
        9. Checking Your Spelling
        10. Printing a Document
      5. Using Google Spreadsheets
        1. Getting to Know the Google Spreadsheets Workspace
        2. Saving a Spreadsheet
        3. Exporting a Google Spreadsheet to Excel Format
        4. Working with Multiple Sheets
        5. Entering Data
        6. Editing Previously Entered Data
        7. Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
        8. Working with Ranges
        9. Sorting Data
        10. Formatting Spreadsheet Data
        11. Entering Formulas
        12. Using Functions
        13. Charting Your Data
        14. Printing Google Spreadsheets
      6. Using Google Presentations
      7. Sharing and Collaborating
      8. Publishing Your Document
      9. A Final Word
    8. 39. Using Google Pack and Google Apps
      1. Using Google Pack
        1. What’s in Google Pack?
        2. Installing Google Pack—And Keeping It Up-to-Date
      2. Using Google Apps
        1. What’s in Google Apps?
        2. Different Editions for Different Needs
      3. The Bottom Line
    9. 40. Exploring New Applications in Google Labs
      1. Projects That Started in the Labs
      2. What’s Cooking in Google Labs Today
        1. Accessible Search
        2. Experimental Search
        3. Google Code Search
        4. Google Dashboard Widgets for Mac
        5. Google Extensions for Firefox
        6. Google Mars
        7. Google Music Trends
        8. Google Page Creator
        9. Google Reader
        10. Google-Related Links
        11. Google Ride Finder
        12. Google Sets
        13. Google Suggest
        14. Google Transit
        15. Google Trends
        16. Google Voice Local Search
        17. Google Web Accelerator
        18. Picasa for Linux
        19. Product Search for Mobile
      3. The Bottom Line
  16. X. Google for Your Website
    1. 41. Submitting Your Site—And Increasing Your Ranking
      1. How to Submit Your Site to the Google Index—The Easy Way
      2. How to Remove Your Site from the Google Index
      3. How to Submit a Complete Sitemap
        1. Basic Site Submittal
        2. Submitting a Complete Sitemap
        3. Using Sitemap Generator Tools
      4. How to Optimize Your Site’s Ranking
        1. Increase the Number of Links to Your Site
        2. Create a Clear Organization and Hierarchy
        3. Include Appropriate Keywords
        4. Put the Most Important Information First
        5. Make the Most Important Information Look Important
        6. Use Text Instead of Images
        7. Link via Text
        8. Incorporate <META> Tags
        9. Make Good Use of the <TITLE> Tag
        10. Use Heading Tags Instead of CSS
        11. Update Your Code Frequently
        12. Use RSS Feeds for Dynamic Content
        13. Use an OPML File
      5. How Not to Optimize Your Site’s Ranking
        1. Site Design Problems to Avoid
        2. Deliberate Practices to Avoid
      6. Using Search Engine Optimizers
        1. SEO Software
        2. SEO Services
      7. The Bottom Line
    2. 42. Analyzing Your Site Traffic
      1. Using Google’s Webmaster Tools
        1. Accessing Webmaster Tools
        2. Viewing Diagnostics
        3. Viewing Statistics
        4. Viewing Links
        5. Viewing Sitemaps
      2. Using Google Analytics
        1. Signing Up for Google Analytics
        2. Viewing Google Analytics Reports
      3. The Bottom Line
    3. 43. Making Money with Google AdSense and AdWords
      1. Adding Advertising to Your Website with Google AdSense
        1. Understanding Google AdSense for Content
        2. Understanding Google AdSense for Search
        3. How to Profit from AdSense
        4. Joining the AdSense Program
        5. Adding AdSense Ads to Your Website
        6. Adding a Google Search Box to Your Site
        7. Making More Money with AdSense Referrals
        8. Monitoring Your AdSense Performance
        9. Ten Tips for Improving Your AdSense Earnings
      2. Advertising on Google with Google AdWords
        1. Where Google AdWords Advertises
        2. Determining Your Costs—And Choosing a Payment Option
        3. Creating an AdWords Ad
        4. Monitoring Your Ads’ Performance
      3. The Bottom Line
    4. 44. Adding Google to Your Website
      1. Adding Google Free WebSearch
        1. Adding a Basic Search Box for Web Searches
        2. Adding a SafeSearch Search Box
        3. Adding a Box to Search Your Own Site
      2. Adding a Custom Search Engine to Your Site
        1. Creating Your Custom Search Engine
        2. Adding the Search Engine to Your Website
      3. The Bottom Line
    5. 45. Creating Web Pages with Google Page Creator
      1. Understanding Google Page Creator
      2. Creating Your First Web Page
        1. Adding Content to Your Web Page
        2. Formatting Your Web Page
      3. Publishing Your Page—and Managing Your Website
      4. Creating Additional Websites
      5. The Bottom Line
    6. 46. Creating Custom Search Applications
      1. Developing Your Own Google-Based Applications
      2. Types of Google-Based Applications
      3. The Bottom Line
  17. XI. Appendixes
    1. A. Google’s Site Directory
    2. B. Google’s Country-Specific Sites
    3. C. Google’s Advanced Search Operators

Product information

  • Title: Google™pedia: The Ultimate Google Resource, Second Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2007
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780789736758