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GoPro Cameras For Dummies

Book Description

You only get one chance to take the perfect action shot

The GoPro camera has taken the market by storm. Durable and weatherproof, these cameras are tailor-made for athletes, filmmakers, journalists, and hobbyists who want a hands-free device. Whether you're BASE-jumping, mountain biking, surfing, or just shooting the next big indie masterpiece, GoPro Cameras For Dummies has you covered with information on how to get the best photos and videos from your camera.

Jumpstart your GoPro experience, with helpful advice on how to create and share action-packed photos and videos. Plus you'll get professional insight on how to mount, set, and control your camera for best results no matter the shooting conditions, and how to edit, add music, and share your finished piece. Step-by-step instructions walk you through each process, helping you get acquainted with the GoPro's controls and settings until you're consistently getting great footage. This helpful guide is packed with full-color, full-page examples of GoPro photos from top users, to inspire you to get the most from your new camera.

  • Choose the right camera and add the right accessories

  • Master the settings for any environment

  • Establish framing, work with lighting, and capture sound

  • Edit your images, and put them together as a project

  • Rather than risk bad results with the school of trial by error, master your camera with the help of a professional photographer and videographer. The best action shots can't be re-created, so know what you're doing going in so you can nail that shot the first time. If you're ready to get out there and start shooting, grab your gear and grab GoPro Cameras For Dummies, your personal GoPro coach.

    Table of Contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. How This Book is Organized
          1. Part I: Getting Started with Your GoPro Camera
          2. Part II: Moviemaking Technique
          3. Part III: Movies Are Made in Postproduction
          4. Part IV: The Part of Tens
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
      2. Part I: Getting Started with Your GoPro Camera
        1. Chapter 1: Getting to Know GoPro
          1. Introducing the GoPro
            1. Use it anywhere
            2. Forget conventional camcorders
          2. Seeing What a GoPro Can Do
            1. Take still photos
            2. Capture the scenes of your dreams
            3. Capture HD and 4K video
            4. Attach to anything
            5. Connect to your other devices
          3. Comparing the Hero4 and Hero3+ Editions
            1. Hero4 Black Edition
            2. Hero4 Silver Edition
            3. Hero3+ White Edition
            4. Hero3+ Silver Edition
            5. Hero3+ Black Edition
          4. Using the GoPro App
        2. Chapter 2: Shooting Out of the Box
          1. Setting Up Your GoPro
            1. Taking it out of the box
            2. Getting it up and running
          2. Controlling Your GoPro
            1. Knowing what the lights do
            2. Turning the camera off
            3. Setting the date and time
            4. Syncing your GoPro
          3. Working with the GoPro App
            1. Downloading the software
            2. Setting up the app
            3. Giving the app a test drive
          4. Using the GoPro Remote
          5. Mounting Your GoPro
        3. Chapter 3: Accessorize Me
          1. Playing the Media Card
            1. Observing the speed limit
            2. Checking card capacity
            3. Choosing the right card
          2. Letting the GoPro Get Wet
            1. Using underwater accessories
            2. Going deep
            3. Checking your camera before getting it wet
          3. Keeping the Shot Steady
            1. Mounting your GoPro out of the box
            2. Using a tripod (with an adapter)
            3. Getting Framed
            4. Using suction cups
            5. Using the Jaws Flex Clamp
            6. Choosing your mounts
          4. Wearing Your GoPro
            1. Headband mount
            2. Helmet mounts
            3. Chest harnesses
            4. Fetch (dog harness)
            5. Wrist mount
          5. Keeping Your GoPro Charged
          6. Adding Some Other Cool Accessories
      3. Part II: Moviemaking Technique
        1. Chapter 4: Getting through GoPro Boot Camp
          1. Viewing the Lens
            1. Getting up close and very personal
            2. Taking advantage of SuperView
            3. Keeping the lens clean in messy situations
          2. Mastering Protune (Hero4, Hero3+ Black Edition)
            1. Seeing how it works
            2. Enabling Protune on your GoPro
            3. Setting Protune controls
            4. Non-Protune capture settings
          3. Tooling with Time-Lapse Mode
            1. Getting started with time-lapse
            2. Shooting time-lapse footage
            3. Making time-lapse easier
          4. Using Other Photo Modes
        2. Chapter 5: Understanding Effective Camera Techniques
          1. Nailing GoPro Fundamentals
            1. Understanding the camera’s limitations
            2. Checking your setup
            3. Getting exposure just right
            4. Maintaining accurate color (models with Protune)
            5. Keeping the camera steady
            6. Keeping your fingers out of the shot
          2. Shooting Your Movie
            1. Finding the best position for the camera
            2. Shooting to edit
            3. Alternating shots, GoPro style
            4. Maintaining continuity between shots
            5. When to stop and start the camera
        3. Chapter 6: Framing the Shot
          1. Understanding Time-Honored Visual Basics
            1. Proper composition
            2. Coherent shot arrangement
          2. Breaking Down Shot Lingo
          3. Following Simple Framing Rules
            1. Observe the rule of thirds
            2. Keep things simple
            3. Take advantage of the background
            4. Put people first
            5. Use shadows and reflections wisely
          4. Art-Directing the Scene
            1. Arranging elements in the scene
            2. Making the GoPro’s view work for you
            3. Keeping things in balance
            4. Creating subtext in a scene
            5. Taking advantage of perspective
          5. Thinking About Where to Put Your GoPro
            1. Grabbing static shots
            2. Using motion
            3. Finding your unique point of view
            4. Moving the camera
          6. Working with the GoPro App
            1. Controlling the camera remotely
            2. Monitoring the shoot
            3. Viewing footage on a tablet or smartphone
          7. Shooting Some Variations
        4. Chapter 7: Mastering the Light
          1. Seeing the Color and Temperature of Light
            1. Taking color temperature
            2. Understanding white balance
          2. Comparing Light Sources
            1. Sunlight
            2. Household lights
            3. Fluorescent lights
            4. Candlelight
            5. Neon lights
            6. Outdoor lights (HID)
          3. Setting White Balance (Black Edition)
          4. Working with the Light You Have
            1. Bathing in sunlight
            2. Managing artificial illumination
          5. Creating Your Own Light
            1. Basic lighting
            2. Tungsten lighting
            3. Nonconventional lighting
          6. Using Light Effectively
            1. Wait for the right light
            2. Work with the light you have
            3. Use colored gels
            4. Avoid light pollution
            5. Light the scene efficiently
            6. Deal with problematic ambient light
        5. Chapter 8: Of Sound Movie and Body
          1. Capturing Sound on the Scene
            1. Using a microphone
            2. Choosing the right mike for the job
            3. Using a digital audio recorder
          2. Preventing Audio Problems
            1. Working around background noise
            2. Maintaining proper levels
            3. Coping with wind
            4. Staying close to the subject
          3. Working with Other Sound Equipment
            1. Using an audio line mixer
            2. Using headphones
      4. Part III: Movies Are Made in Postproduction
        1. Chapter 9: Equipping Your Edit Station
          1. Picking a Computer Platform
            1. Macintosh
            2. Windows
          2. Understanding Workstation Requirements
            1. Newer computer
            2. Better-than-minimum speed
            3. Large monitor
            4. Lots of RAM
            5. Fast graphics card
          3. Accessorizing Your Station
            1. Connecting an extra monitor
            2. Adding ergonomic peripherals
          4. Picking Software That Suits Your Needs
            1. Free software
            2. Paid software
        2. Chapter 10: Getting Familiar with GoPro Studio Edit
          1. Why Use GoPro Studio Edit?
            1. Seeing what’s special about the program
            2. Getting the software on your computer
          2. Breaking Down the Interface
            1. Deciphering the menus
          3. Bringing in Media
            1. Importing media from your GoPro
            2. Importing other media files
          4. Using GoPro Edit Templates
          5. Implementing an Efficient Workflow
            1. Customizing your workspace
            2. Organizing projects and files
            3. Setting preferences
          6. Delving Deeper into GoPro Studio Edit
            1. Navigating the player window’s controls
            2. Making transitions
            3. Working with audio
            4. Using a second video display
        3. Chapter 11: Editing with GoPro Studio Edit
          1. Creating Your Movie Project
            1. Starting a new project
            2. Importing video files
            3. Viewing file information
            4. Viewing clips
            5. Deleting clips
          2. Putting the Pieces Together in the Edit Pane
            1. Setting in and out points
            2. Dragging clips to the Storyboard
          3. Assembling Clips in the Storyboard
            1. Adding clips
            2. Cropping images
            3. Splitting clips
            4. Fine-tuning clips
            5. Adjusting white balance
            6. Adjusting tones with the Image feature
            7. Working with presets
            8. Adding slow motion and reverse
          4. Managing Audio Matters
            1. Adding an audio track
            2. Correcting an audio track
          5. Working with Titles
            1. Adding a title
            2. Adjusting a title
            3. Changing title properties
        4. Chapter 12: Presenting Your Movie
          1. Converting Your Movie Files for Export
            1. MPEG Streamclip
            2. Other conversion programs
          2. Getting That Movie Out There
            1. Choosing export options
            2. Exporting your movie on a Mac
            3. Exporting your movie in Windows
          3. Sharing and Sharing Alike
            1. Sharing your movie on Facebook
            2. Sharing your movie on YouTube
            3. Sharing your movie on Vimeo
          4. Finding the Best Archiving Solution
            1. Choosing a file format
            2. Archiving on an external hard drive
            3. Backing up to tape
            4. Using Sony XD-CAM
            5. Using media cards
            6. Storing in the cloud
      5. Part IV: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 13: Ten Fun Ways to Use Your GoPro
          1. Make the Coolest Selfie
          2. Explore Underwater
          3. Walk through a Crowded Space
          4. Attach It to Your Bike
          5. Take It Out on an ATV
          6. Shoot the View from the Sky
          7. Get a Dog’s-Eye View
          8. Make a Time-Lapse Movie
          9. Capture Your Own Band from the Stage
          10. Take GoPro in the Snow
        2. Chapter 14: Ten Professional Uses for GoPro Cameras
          1. Wedding Videography
          2. Real Estate Sales
          3. Multimedia Reporting
          4. Television News Production
          5. Home Security
          6. Traditional Sports Shooters
          7. Extreme Sports Shooters
          8. Independent Filmmaking
          9. Documentary Filmmaking
          10. Professional Photography
      6. About the Author
      7. Cheat Sheet
      8. More Dummies Products