Chapter 11

Editing with GoPro Studio Edit

In This Chapter

arrow Creating a project

arrow Importing media

arrow Assembling the clips

arrow Getting audio levels right

arrow Using titles

Have you ever wondered why your favorite movies ended up being your favorites? Maybe you liked the subject matter or an actor, but often it’s because the movie was tightly structured.

Regardless of how well a movie is planned and shot, success comes from the editing process. Whether it’s a studio blockbuster, a quaint indie film, or a student project, a well-edited movie compels viewers to escape into the world created onscreen. Conversely, a carelessly arranged film evokes negative emotions. Side effects may include drowsiness, indifference, and nausea.

Making compelling movies sounds like a monumental task, but it’s entirely possible to succeed when you adhere to the fundamentals. This chapter covers the basics of editing a movie ...

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