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GoPro Cameras

Book Description

Nowadays, society loves to capture their lives in colorful shots and movies they can place on YouTube, Facebook, or their own websites. Rugged and lightweight, GoPro cameras empower their users by providing powerful technology to tell stories that strike the right balance of words and pictures. These high-tech cameras enable users to capture powerful images--whether it's the miraculous beauty of a shark swimming by a coral reef or a motor cross biker flying. However, users can't just thrust this camera underwater or mount the camera to a bike and hope for the best. They need to understand the basics about how to correctly operate, mount, and care for this camera in all types of environments. They need to learn the camera's capabilities before they start spending serious cash on accessories and actually using it. The full-color illustrated Idiot's Guides: GoPro Cameras covers:

- The fundamental basics of the GoPro and understanding your personal expertise.
- Familiarizing yourself with your camera and understanding lighting in differing environments (land, air, sea).
- The pros and cons of getting it wet.
- Mounting the camera to an object or mounting it to your person for shoots.
- Accessorizing with specialty mounts, differing housing, electronic additions, and items like fog filters.
- Knowing how to frame and photograph great shots and capture action.
- 40 step-by-step projects utilizing your GoPro camera to capture your favorite active sports (such as biking, basketball, archery, etc.), in addition to engaging home life (such as pet antics, nature, childplay, etc.)

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Introduction
  5. Part 1: Getting Started with GoPro
    1. Chapter 1: GoPro Basics
      1. GoPro: Company and Culture
      2. What Can You Do with a GoPro?
      3. GoPro Camera Models
      4. GoPro Video Specifications
      5. GoPro Photo Specifications
      6. GoPro Playback and Control Features
      7. Choosing the Right Camera
    2. Chapter 2: Quickly Setting Up Your GoPro Camera
      1. Taking Your GoPro Out of the Box
      2. Removing Your Camera from Its Housing
      3. Charging the Battery
      4. Inserting a Memory Card
      5. Readying Your GoPro
      6. Getting the GoPro App
      7. Recording a Short Video
    3. Chapter 3: Mounting and Wearing Your GoPro
      1. Attaching a GoPro to Surfaces
      2. Hand Grips and Extension Arms
      3. Attaching a GoPro to Tripods and Stands
      4. Gyroscopic Stabilizers
      5. Attaching a GoPro to Impromptu Locations
      6. Mounting a GoPro on a Vehicle
      7. Mounting a GoPro on Sports Equipment
      8. Wearing a GoPro on Your Body
    4. Chapter 4: Accessorizing Your GoPro
      1. Powering Your GoPro
      2. Smart Remote
      3. LCD Touch BacPac
      4. Other Devices for Monitoring Your Video
      5. Protecting Your GoPro from the Elements
      6. The Frame
      7. Dual Hero System
      8. Using Your GoPro in the Water
      9. Securing Your GoPro with Camera Tethers
      10. Bags and Accessory Cases
      11. Quick Release Buckles and Thumb Screws
      12. Miscellaneous Parts and Tools
      13. Cables and Adapters
    5. Chapter 5: Basic Shooting with a GoPro
      1. Placing the Camera
      2. Choosing an Effective Composition
      3. Selecting the Best Camera Mode and Capture Settings
      4. Working with Protune
      5. Audio Recording Fundamentals
    6. Chapter 6: Setting Up Your Editing System
      1. Minimum System Requirements
      2. Recommended System Requirements
      3. Monitors and Hard Drives
      4. Speakers
      5. Card Readers and Adapters for Transferring Files
      6. Downloading and Installing GoPro Studio Software
      7. Installing Additional GoPro-Related Software
      8. Approaches to Editing GoPro Videos
      9. Basic Editing Techniques
      10. Using Video Trim and Share with the GoPro App
    7. Chapter 7: Editing with GoPro Studio
      1. Understanding the GoPro Studio Workflow
      2. Adjusting GoPro Studio Preferences
      3. Creating a New Project
      4. Importing Media
      5. Viewing Clips
      6. Trimming Clips
      7. Converting Clips for Editing
      8. Choosing Advanced Settings
      9. Working with GoPro Edit Templates
      10. Understanding GoPro Edit Template Elements
      11. Adding Clips to the Storyboard
      12. Previewing Clips in the Storyboard
      13. Moving, Deleting, and Trimming Clips in the Storyboard
      14. Modifying Color in Video Clips
      15. Changing Composition with Framing Controls
      16. Applying Presets and Effects
      17. Creating a New Effects Preset
      18. Applying Transitions
      19. Working with Music and Sound Effects
      20. Creating Titles
      21. Exporting Your Finished Video
      22. Exporting Still Images
      23. Publishing Your Video Online
      24. Submitting Your Video to the GoPro Channel
  6. Part 2: Projects
    1. Home
      1. Record a Day in the Life
      2. See the World from Your Dog’s Perspective
      3. Play with Your Food in the Kitchen
      4. Have Fun with a Motorized Toy Car
      5. Go for a Spin with a Hula Hoop
      6. Submerge Your Camera in an Aquarium
      7. Be a Kid at the Playground
      8. Attack the Yard with Power Tools
      9. Conduct Home Inspections and Repairs
      10. Improvise a Security Camera or Baby Monitor
    2. Nature
      1. Take a Hike in the Wilderness
      2. Watch Birds on Feeders
      3. Explore Creeks and Rivers
      4. Observe Flowers Up Close
    3. Sports
      1. Improve Your Swing on the Golf Course
      2. Shoot Better on the Basketball Court
      3. Catch Some Waves with a Bodyboard
      4. Take Aim with Archery
      5. Ride a Horse
      6. Glide Across the Water in a Kayak
    4. Recreational
      1. In the Driver’s Seat with a Dash Cam
      2. Explore Trails on a Bike
      3. Design a Kinetic Skateboard Shot
      4. Fly a GoPro with Balloons
      5. On the Move with Vehicle Exteriors
      6. Create a Cable Cam Shot
    5. Creative
      1. Shoot a Music Video with a Guitar
      2. Set Up to Record a Concert or Event
      3. Construct a Forced-Perspective Shot
      4. Spin a GoPro to Create Abstract Visuals
      5. Make a Creative Short Film
      6. Levitate with Your GoPro
      7. Create a Panorama
    6. Time
      1. Pop a Water Balloon in Slow Motion
      2. Control the Clock with a Time Lapse
      3. Create a Stop-Motion Animation
      4. Capture Perfect Action with Burst Mode
      5. Paint Your Name with Light
      6. Create a Night Lapse of a Starry Sky
      7. Fast-Forward with a Moving Time Lapse or Hyperlapse