If you want to succeed, choose to INTRIGUE.


I = INTRO: Craft an INTRO that has people at hello. Get eyebrows up. Ask “Did you know?” Show them the fish. Turn a no into a yes. Share what’s rare. Psych yourself up, not out.

N = NEW: It’s not enough to be true; it must be NEW. Keep current. Create the next new thing. Cause aha’s with ha ha’s. Ink it when you think it. Look at the world with reawakened eyes.

T = TIME-EFFICIENT: Win trust by being TIME-EFFICIENT. Keep it brief, or they’ll give you grief. Swaddle your communication. Put a ThunderShirt on emails and meetings.

R = REPEATABLE: If they can’t REPEAT it, they didn’t get it. Craft a phrase-that-pays that resonates. Pause and punch. Coin a rally cry with rhythm, ...

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