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GPS Tracking - Setup Your Own GPS Server with Android & iOS Apps

Video Description

GPS Tracking for Dummies - Quick Guide to Setup your own Open Source GPS Server, Android and iOS Clients, & Tracking Apps

About This Video

  • You’ll learn about the architecture and the working of GPS technology.
  • You will learn to configure GPS for Android and iOS.

In Detail

In this course, I will take you to a journey where you can configure your own GPS server and configure your clients. This is done so that you can track your client devices using your GPS server. And, it doesn't matter if you have no prior experience in this field.

If you are a business owner trying to track your assets or if you are a business owner trying to track your employees or maybe you are a technical person who wishes to start your GPS server as a service and provide this service to your customers, this course is for you.

I am sure that by the end of this course, you will feel a pride of accomplishment when you see your devices and your client devices moving across the screen in the map. And by the end of this course, we will be providing you with an experience certificate which will prove of very high value for your career if you are actually dealing with location-based applications. So, see you soon in the classroom. Let's start the art of tracking!

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