Note: Page numbers followed by “f” refer to figures and followed by “t” refer to tables.

2-shot/2S (two-shot) 29, 29f; cutting from two-shot to 165166, 165f, 191, 192f
30-degree rule 6364, 63f, 166
180-degree rule/axis of action 6163, 62f; observing 236239, 237f, 238f, 239f
acquisition stage, editing process 89
action edits 113115, 114f; allowing subject to exit frame 193194, 193f; creating a continuous motion 177178, 178f; cutting from two-shot to two-shot 191, 192f; cutting rise as an 178180, 180f; from a long shot to a close-up of same subject 195196, 196f; maintaining screen direction 194195, 195f
action line, observing 190191, 190f, 236239
alpha channel 136, 143144
ambience 4243, 44, 91, 115; pollution 69

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