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Just One is a company that
specializes in club music,
clothing, and events.
After Hours Creative
Russ Haan
After Hours Creative
Tim Lanterman
Rich Borge and
After Hours Creative
ABOVE: The cover image, created in
layers in Adobe Photoshop, is
symbolic of the beginning of life—
playing off the egg and sperm
during the moment of conception.
Inside the brochure, the various
product lines are featured.
Just One is a hip new company that targets the club
scene in major cities across the country. “They are
an interesting company,” says creative director Russ
Haan. “They plan events, make club wear, and
distribute CDs.” Because of the diverse products they
provide, Just One needed a brochure that would not
only unify them as one company but would also call
attention to the various product lines they carry.
“They were looking for a brochure to launch their
new company and brand,” adds Haan. “We also
wanted to make it clear that all of what they do is
related.” To get an understanding of the market, the
design team visited various clubs. “We wanted to see
what everybody was doing and wearing, and what
the overall attitude was,” details Haan. “The whole
crowd was young, upbeat, and positive—just
wanting to have a good time.”
After experiencing the mood and flavor of the
nightlife scene, the design team developed a cover
image for the brochure. An illustration, symbolic of
the beginning of life, portrays a woman inside an
egglike mass surrounded by various potential male
candidates, all dressed in Just One clothing. “When
life occurs, only one gets the chance to make it
happen. It’s really just about two adults getting
together,” explains Haan. “It’s upbeat and fun in an
irreverent way.” All of the models were shot on white
backgrounds and brought into different environments
and assembled in Adobe Photoshop. Inside, there are
clothing labels, a mini product catalog, and a CD. The
mini catalog shows both clothing lines—the JO line,
an edgy, grungy, and graffiti-like collection, and the
Just One line, a more fashionable alternative. The CD
features primarily electronica music. The entire package
was mailed to a variety of club owners, potential
retailers, and buyers. It was also sent to the media.
just one
Graphic Design That Works
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Job:12-84823 Title:RP-Graphic Design That Works (LDW)
175# Dtp:120/163 Page:211
Text (DS)
ABOVE: The mini product catalog
displays both clothing lines. One
side shows off the illustrations
present in the streetwise line
called JO. The other side premiers
a more fashionable club wear line.
What Works
Because the piece was fun, upbeat, and in tune
with the club entertainment scene, it grabbed a lot
of attention across all products lines. The visual,
tactile, and musical piece works hard at capturing
the attention of a youthful and active audience.
The overall packaging is not only innovative, but
also serves a multitude of purposes, from selling
the clothing lines, music, and events to promoting
the overall image of the new and happening company.
“It went over really well, and they made out great
in sales. It was a very positive launch,” notes Haan.
“They also got a lot of media coverage in the fashion
trade magazines and in the music media.”
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