Creating a New Base Module with All the Desired Directory Contents

If you poke around in the base modules directory, you’ll see both root.lzm and home.lzm. So if the contents of/root and/home are already stored in a module, you could just overwrite them both in the reboot and shutdown script (/etc/rc.d/rc.6). As long as you keep all the files you want to save in these two directory hives, it should work great, right? Let’s make sure it works by trying it one command at a time:

bt ~ # dir2lzm /root /tmp/root.lzm
[                                                    ]    1/6367   0%

Right away, we see a problem. It takes a several minutes to build up a new root.lzm module of an even sparsely populated/root directory. It would be inconvenient to add this much time to the reboot process but we could live ...

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