Great HTML: Level 1

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Great HTML: Level 1 will teach you the basics of HTML, from simply textual markup to document headers, metadata, and document type declarations. By the time you're through these lessons, you'll be building well-structured web pages, and building them well.

Throughout the course, you'll progressively learn to structure your pages correctly, and mark them up in a way that makes sense and has semantic value. Whether it's a list within a list, a complicated set of page divs, or just some text that needs to flow across multiple columns, you'll not just write HTML, you'll understand how to structure your page.

When you buy Great HTML: Level 1, you get access to an entire video library of lessons-including lessons that aren't available yet! Here's the scoop: we're continually adding new sections in Level 1 that take you further into HTML. We're also updating existing lessons and creating new ones in response to your questions, along with special "challenge lessons" that will test your skills. All of this is yours with Great HTML: Level 1.

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Table of contents

  1. What is HTML?
  2. Set Up Your Environment
  3. What Does HTML Look Like?
  4. Add a Header to Your Document
  5. Add Headings and Paragraphs to Your Page's Text
  6. Order Your Items With Lists
  7. Elements Are Either Block or Inline
  8. Link to Another HTML Page
  9. Add an Image to Your Page
  10. Your Markup Should Fit Your Content
  11. Comments Matter
  12. Structure Your Page Using div Elements
  13. Identify Your Elements with an ID
  14. Order Your Content
  15. Challenge: Add Markup to a Business Letter
  16. Solution: Add Markup to a Business Letter
  17. Nesting is Important... and Tricky
  18. Write Beautiful HTML
  19. Validate Your HTML
  20. Use the Right Tags for Emphasis
  21. Abbreviations and Acronyms
  22. Use cite to Name Your Sources
  23. Preserve the Formatting of Code and Text
  24. Markup Quotations with blockquote
  25. Identify Multiple Elements Using the class Attribute
  26. Challenge: Markup a Bibliography
  27. Solution: Markup a Bibliography
  28. Tables are for Tabular Data
    1. Tables are for Tabular Data
    2. Challenge: Table or No Table?
    3. Solution: Table or No Table?
    4. Build a Table with table
    5. Table's Padding and Spacing
    6. Adding Additional Meaning to Your Tables
    7. Even More Semantics with Table Sections
    8. Achieve Table Balance with Colspan
    9. Using HTML within Table Cells
  29. Working with Multimedia
    1. In-Depth with Images
    2. Embed Audio Into Your HTML Page
    3. Challenge: Embed a Vimeo Video
    4. Solution: Embed a Vimeo Video
    5. Embed Video with Standards-Based Markup
    6. Add Your Own Videos with object
    7. HTML5, Audio, and Video
  30. Forms
    1. Forms Allow Interaction within HTML
    2. The Anatomy of an HTML Form
    3. Capture Text in a Form
    4. Limit Choices with a Drop-Down List
    5. Working with Checkboxes
    6. Working with Radio Inputs
    7. Give Your Users Something to Click
    8. Group Form Elements with fieldset
    9. Where Does My Data Go?
    10. The Forgotten Form Elements
  31. Site Organization
    1. Directory Layout
    2. Absolute and Relative Links Revisited
    3. Script and Stylesheet Includes
    4. Building a Site Part 1
    5. Building a Site Part 2
    6. Building a Site Part 3
    7. Sharing Your Site with the World
  32. It's All in Your head
    1. DOCTYPES Matter
    2. Choose the Best DOCTYPE
    3. Meta Tags
    4. Conditionals
    5. Character Encoding
  33. Extending HTML with Microformats
    1. Intro to Microformats
    2. Microformats in the Wild
    3. Microformat Business Cards
    4. Resume with hResume
    5. Microformat Tools
  34. HTML5
    1. Intro to HTML5
    2. Section Elements Part 1
    3. Section Elements Part 2
    4. Forms
    5. Canvas
    6. Scaleable Vector Graphics
    7. Local Storage
    8. Geolocation

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  • Title: Great HTML: Level 1
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: December 2009
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 063692000102