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Great Java Web Programming: Level 1

Video Description

Great Java Web Programming: Level 1 will lay the foundation for getting started creating web applications with a Java backend. Once you've finished the course you'll have all the tools you need to create powerful web applications that are easy to understand and maintain. Even beyond the basics, you'll learn how to leverage advanced language features such as the Java Standard Tag Library to make your applications clean and streamlined, but also secure and fast.

You'll learn the basics of how Java servlets work, how to do form processing with validation, and create results pages on the fly. We'll create applications that handle exotic data formats such as graphics and multi-part file uploads. Once you have the basics down, we'll crank up the volume with high-powered tools like Java Server Pages and tag libraries, then look at frameworks such as JSF and Struts that can manage more complex applications.

When you buy Great Java Web Programming: Level 1, you get access to an entire video library of lessons-including lessons that aren't available yet! Here's the scoop: we're continually adding new sections in Level 1 that take you further into Java web applications development. We're also updating existing lessons and creating new ones in response to your questions, along with special "challenge lessons" that will test your skills. All of this is yours with Great Java Web Programming: Level 1.