Great Seasonal Jobs


Not ready or willing to commit to year-round employment? Plenty of jobs run the course of a season—spring, summer, fall, or winter—and can pay bills and keep you busy.

Sixty-something Jim Brush drives a stretch limo filled with tuxedo-clad prom goers in the spring and decked-out wedding parties in the summer. Pay is typically $18 an hour, and the extra cash is welcomed. Although he and his wife have two grown children, and he receives a pension, they need a little more to meet their mortgage. Brush, who lives in Pittsburgh, retired five years ago from his position as a Pennsylvania state dog warden, where he had worked for 25 years. In his preretirement days, Brush spent plenty of time in the car cruising county roads to inspect kennels and patrolling for stray pets. Knowing his way around comes in handy today.

Besides driving, Brush fills his year with other seasonal employment. Snow removal is in high demand in Pittsburgh’s blustery winters, and he does landscaping during the spring and fall months. He’s not set on seasonal gigs, though. He also chauffeurs passengers for nonseasonal events, such as airport runs. And he even tends bar from time to time. “I want to keep busy earning money while I still have the energy and the desire,” he says.

If summertime work suits you best, from national parks to ballparks to amusement parks, seasonal hiring heats ...

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